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Here are a few casual, easy, phone games that players love to play and win on Pocket7Games.

Cube Blast

Cube Blast is a cheerful and colorful little puzzle game on Pocket7Games. To play Cube Blast, just tap any 2 or more cubes that have adjacent cubes of the same color. This will clear them and bring you a little closer to solving the level’s challenge. When you have a larger group of the same color, tapping them will clear your board more quickly and create special blocks. That’s the real key to winning these reward games. These special blocks all have cool abilities, like blasting a horizontal or vertical line, clearing all the cubes of one color, and so forth. When you’re skillful, or lucky, enough to get two specials together, they’ll create powerful combined clearing action.

New boards and new challenges keep this cute little skill game fresh. This is a light, casual game, but at the same time, talented gamers are playing money games and winning real cash from Cube Blast. Don’t miss out on this colorful, fun game, and let blasting blocks be your new side hustle!

21 Gold

21 Gold is a fun, fast-paced, mobile game twist on casino Blackjack. The rules, however, are slightly different than the traditional game. Instead of starting with two cards, players have four columns into which they can place cards. The goal is still to get 21, and this fast-paced skill game feels a bit like playing 4 hands of Blackjack at the same time.

There are a couple differences between the mobile game and the casino card game, of course. In a round of regular Blackjack, a player often wins with nineteen or twenty points total, especially if another player goes bust. In Pocket7Games’ 21 Gold, players need exactly 21 in a column to win. This means that drawing two face cards isn’t an almost automatic win, like it is in traditional Blackjack. Instead, it’s a pretty bad combination, since you’re stuck waiting for an ace to clear that column and keep the game moving. These twists keep 21 Gold fresh.

Just like in the casino version of Blackjack, the winner in 21 Gold will get Tickets or a real money prize.

2048 Blitz

2048 Blitz is another fun, fast puzzle, but this time with a math twist. The rules are simple and clear. Players just swipe to combine adjacent and matching numbers to add them together and make higher value tiles. Keep swiping and adding for the highest value tiles and higher game scores.

Simple and fast, isn’t it? Not quite, this is a skill game for sure, so players need to choose their swipes wisely. Make combos and plan your moves in advance, don’t let the board fill up with useless tiles because the game is over when you can’t make any more swipes! Too much rapid swiping is unwise because if you’re not aware of all your tiles, you can block in those higher numbers and quickly fill up the board.

Although other versions of 2048 Blitz are solo games, in the Pockt7Games app, each player is matched with an opponent for a head-to-head match. The winner of each round gains Tickets or a real money prize.

In all of Pocket7Games mobile games, players can choose whether to play for fun with free Tickets, or to play for real cash prizes. Ticket games give new players fun practice while great players can make extra money by winning head-to-head matches and game tournaments!

Even though these are all fun phone games, try specializing in one game to really perfect your skills and strategy. This is the key to increasing your winnings and making mobile games into your side hustle.

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