What Makes A Good Solitaire Game?

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Solitaire is a classic card game that’s been around for hundreds of years, in a variety of different forms. Some people say the earliest solitaire card games were a form of fortune-telling, and people would play solitaire to find out if they’d get their wish. If the game came out easily, and the player was successful, that meant the player would get their wish easily, too. But if the game didn’t work out, and the player got stuck, that meant the player would have a lot more trouble getting their goal, too.

As we spend more months in coronavirus isolation, we’re playing more online games and mobile games in general. Maybe it’s time to find a new way to play solitaire. Pocket7Games offers a mobile version of this classic card game. This is a familiar version, with a few unique twists.


Players begin with seven columns of cards, with increasing amounts of face-down cards, and each pile has the top card turned up. The remainder of the deck is a draw pile. Pocket7Games players will draw three at a time from the draw deck, with two free trips through the deck. After that, each draw through the deck will cost points. Our best tip for competitive players is to look at the second cards, too.

In this version, as with most versions of Solitaire, the player’s goal is to move the entire deck from the seven columns and the draw deck into four piles sorted by suit. These are at the top right of the screen. Players start with the ace and try to place the whole suit in ascending order, ending with the king.

Since some cards are hidden and others are unavailable, the player’s challenge is to choose careful placement of the available cards, in order to move as many as possible into the four stacks at the top right. This is how to earn the points and defeat your opponent, winning tickets or cash rewards.


Most versions of Solitaire are traditionally single-player games. In fact, naming a game “solitaire” literally means that the player is alone. But to add a challenge and a cash prize element, Pocket7Games players compete in head-to-head solitaire games, playing against another player from anywhere in the world. This is a great way to test your skills against other players, and win money playing solitaire. The app matches two players of similar skills and gives them the same cards for a fun twist. Our tip for winning is to move fast, to earn as many points as you can without running out of time, but of course, don’t go so fast that you make careless mistakes. Be careful not to block a card you really need!

As you can see, the rules of Solitaire are familiar and pretty easy. This head to head version is a unique twist on the single player classic. You can start off by playing free ticket games for practice right away, or you can also jump straight into reward games and win money playing solitaire instead. With Solitaire, you can play a relaxing, classic game from your phone, or you can join a head-to-head challenge and earn side money by playing mobile games.


Do you play solitaire on your computer or mobile phone? What’s your best strategy to win? Have you tried playing solitaire games for money?

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