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Getting your first few ARCs can be tough, but having reviews of soon-to-be-released books is key to getting blog readers. Once you've gotten some eARCs and written some advance reviews, you'll start getting search traffic and you can also start requesting books from publicists.

Start Here: Reedsy

The first thing to do is sign up with Reedsy. Bginning book bloggers will need to be approved manually, so you probably won't get your first eARC by tonight, but it's not difficult to get approved. Reedsy's whole focus is indie authors, so they're happy to work with indie bloggers. Make sure to submit your reviews on time, and you're on your way to more and more review copies for your blog. 

Not Just Romance with Bookspout

Booksprout also offers eARCs of indie books. They started in romance, so romance readers will find plenty of new fiction to request, but they've recently expanded into other genres. Booksprout has some real gems from undiscovered authors, but I also got a book that hadn't been edited or proofread, so... uh... take care. 

Famous Authors through BookishFirst

If you're looking for review copies from major authors and traditional publishers, sign up with BookishFirst. Loads of books by well-known authors, and they have print galleys, too, but you'll get these books through entering raffles.

Take a look through their back catalog, and you see books here that you've already reviewed on your blog (or on GoodReads, etc.) you can share your reviews with the BookishFirst community to earn more points to use to enter raffles. After a few times, you'll get into the cycle of reading and reviewing.

The Big One: NetGalley

NetGalley is the most common way to get your eARCs! Most book bloggers use NetGalley for advance review copies, and they even have audiobooks now. NetGalley has loads of famous authors and popular books, but you'll probably have to complete some reviews of the available books under Read Now before getting approved for a big name. Add your blog's traffic stats, as you start to get readers, to be approved for more and more titles. NetGalley asks reviewers to send feedback on at least 80% of requested titles, but it's up to each publisher whether to approve an individual request.

So with these sites, you'll be able to start getting review copies to keep your book blog fresh and interesting with new releases. 

Did we miss any good outlets for bloggers? Let us know in the comments! 

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