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Twilight Kissing turns the key points of Stephanie Meyer's vampire novel Twilight into a hilarious browser minigame. This minigame is like Twilight reread, ready for any Midnight Sun readers to catch up on the vampire romance story from Bella's perspective, before reading it again from Edward's. 


In this cute browser game, you play as Bella, who’s standing apathetically between Jacob and Edward, looking bored. Your goal is to make out with one of them, without the other catching you, which I’m pretty sure was the plot of the movie, too. Choose a way to distract one of the fellows, then click bored Bella to make out with the other guy!

Edward -- that’s the vampire for those who haven’t decided whether they’re Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Trevor’s Truck -- can be distracted with typical vampire problems, like blood, crosses or a stake, and each one sends him on a campy little animation while Bella and Jacob make out. (Click the stake and tell me that’s not Buffy the Vampire Slayer coming after him.) Jacob, the werewolf, is distracted when pretty lady walks by, and he has to rip off his T-shirt and flex. Again, I’m pretty sure shirtless flexing was central to the movies. You could distract Jacob with the moon too, or a kitty cat.

After the hilarious kissing game, Bella ends up with one of the boys, and goes on to the next level, a bridal dress-up game. Unfortunately, you have to dress them “properly” to win, although you can enjoy putting Edward in some pretty ridiculous costumes first.

You can play your own hilarious Twilight makeout minigame for the rest of December, until Flash goes away. If there's anyone else around, though, you might want to open a second window on something Very Serious And Mature, so you can ALT-TAB over, just in in case.

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