How To Grow Different Types Of Squash

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Today we are talking about the best ways to grow different types of squash in your own backyard!

How squash grows:

Most types of squash grows on vines, if you are short on space there are varieties that grow as a bush. Zucchini, patty pan, and yellow summer squash all tend to grow more like a bush. It is a lot more compact than a vine and can save you a lot of space! Be sure to check the seeds, as there are some vining varieties, although from what I have seen, most tend to be the bush type!

Other types of squash such as spaghetti squash, acorn squash, winter sweet squash, and pumpkins grow on vines that can get 10-15 feet long. They can very easily take over your yard. A great solution is trellising them. That's right! You can grow your pumpkins and all other types of squash on a trellis. If you choose to go this route make sure the trellis is sturdy. You can use cattle panel, metal trellises, or what we did was utilize an old, damaged gazebo. We attached chicken wire to three sides and the top and it is doing a great job at holding all our squash!

If you do choose to trellis your squash, be sure to support them as they get bigger! This can be cutting up an old t-shirt or using pantyhose to create a hammock. You can also purchase squash hammocks, which is what we did on Amazon (photo included below). I will also include a photo of the inside of our squash gazebo.

How to produce a high yield:

While your squash begins to grow you will see yellow/orange flowers. Some are male and some are female. Our friendly pollinators usually do the work for us, but sometimes when it comes to squash plants it can be hard for the pollinators to see and access the flowers. This can prevent your squash from growing and greatly reduce your yield. We have an article (linked at the end) that explains ways you can help ensure your plants are properly pollinated!

How to stop pests:

Keep an eye out for squash bug eggs on the bottoms of your leaves and promptly remove them (article regarding pests linked below). Be sure to also check for vine borers, these will dig into the vines and can destroy your plants.

We'd love to hear what types of squash you are growing or wish to grow, so leave a comment and let us know!

Helping to pollinate your squash -

How to deal with pests -
Inside Of Gazebo Turned Into Trellis- Taken by Marie Ellison

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