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Whether you're gardening with the intention to provide for your family the entire year, or just need something to do with the extras from your harvest, this article will be helpful for you! There are numerous ways to preserve your harvest, and here are just a few! If you would like more details on each method leave a comment and we can go further into it!

Method 1 - Possibly the easiest method, freezing! Some of the vegetables you can freeze from your harvest include zucchini, peas, Brussel sprouts, and peppers. You can even freeze herbs! The method I like to use is chopping them up, adding them into an ice cube tray, then filling with my favorite cooking oil. They're easy to use later on for any recipe!

Method 2 - Dehydrating - This can be done with herbs, peppers, cucumbers (they make great chips!), peas, kale, onions, and more! Once dehydrated you can store in an airtight mason jar or ziploc bag and you will have a great shelf life!

Method 3 - Canning - This is something I am looking forward to getting into! You can can just about anything! This gives you a great shelf stable, readily available option. This is a great option to store foods in the event of a power outage you won't have to worry about losing your canned vegetables.

Some other great methods that I am exciting to try include, fermenting, pickling, making a jam/jelly. and some things can simply be left on a shelf in a cool, dark place (onions, winter squash, garlic, etc.).

These are great ways to make the most of your harvest and not let anything go to waste!
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