Have You Ever Tried Candied Bacon?

Have you ever tried Candied Bacon? If so then you know how good Candied Bacon taste! But if you haven't tried Candied Bacon then do yourself a favor and give it a shot! I made this verson of Candied Bacon Low Carb because after my wifes surgery she has to eat a low carb diet for a while. Let me tell ya, this version of Candied Bacon is amazing. Its so easy to make, you dont need a smoker, all you need is a heat source, bacon, pepper and brown sugar! If you make this recipe tell me how it goes

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Hello everyone, I’m El Duderino AKA "The Dude" and My goal is to show you anyone can make any meal outside and have fun while doing it. So grab a White Ukrainian ? or an oat soda ? and lets do this. Welcome to The Dudes Kitchen n Grill

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