Stimulus Plan Could Create Monthly Payments for Washington Residents

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Housing costs are up. Used car costs are almost as much as new cars. Groceries, gas, and utility costs are rising all over Washington. Not just in Seattle, Spokane, Kennewick, and Vancouver but everywhere.

Inflation rose 8.5% in March and will likely increase over 18 to 24 months. We haven't had an increase like this since the 1970s, and we haven't even reached their peak levels.

The sting of higher prices is hitting everyone hard, and it seems as though nothing will change soon. While inflation tightens our belts across the state, some potential changes could happen.

This new plan hales from the great state of Utah and Senator Mitt Romney.

The Family Security Act

Senator Mitt Romney of Utah claims to have a solution for many people suffering from price increases around the country. Romney has a new plan that combines current policies to establish a single universal child benefit for all American families, giving them more financial security.

The Family Security Act is the name of this new initiative. The FSA's child benefit would pay $4,200 per year to families with children under six and $3,000 per year to families with older children.

The Family Security Act provides higher payments to more parents, but it would replace several social programs in the United States, including food stamps, cash assistance, and Medicaid.

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