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The Homeless Situation In Spokane Is Getting Out Of Control

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The homeless encampment located near I-90 and Freye is continuing to grow. Designated as 'Camp Hope,' the population seems to be growing by the day. And while the city waits for a new homeless shelter plan, there doesn't seem to be any relief for this city area.

Concerns continue to grow from the people who live in these neighborhoods as story after story pours in about the homeless coming to doorways, stealing things out of garages, and breaking into cars. So far, nothing seems to be changing either.

According to a city spokesperson, they are working to resolve the issues as soon as possible:

"With the near opening of a potential shelter, we are beginning to explore options to have the encampment disbanded, removed, and have the property cleaned up. We are sensitive to both the neighbors and those in the camp and hope that through our collaboration with all parties, that we can come to a positive outcome for all."

While the city has had a lot to say about the situation, nothing seems to be happening. Every time we drive by the area, more and more tents and campers show up at the site.

When will things change? No one knows. Will there be help from the city and the police to reduce crime in the area? There is hope for them to do something, but until then, neighbors in the area will have to make due.

The new homeless shelter can't come soon enough, but the question remains, will it be enough?

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