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Entering a new part of your life may be daunting. Especially nowadays where social interactions have been limited recently, teenagers may find it extra hard. The one thing I would stress to upcoming freshman is to FIND A CLUB OR SPORT that you are fond of or enjoy, not only will you meet new people but you will have a common interest to talk about. As a former freshman I realize most of my friend group was formed because of sports or after school activities. Getting involved in activities is one of the most important things, getting involved gets you noticed and people may see that as a very good quality.

If you find yourself struggling halfway through the year, some of the best people to talk to are coaches. Coaches will give you there honest opinion and how they think you should approach bettering yourself for a successful school future. Forming a bond with your student piers is the best way to enter a new school year. Going into the next year with a solid friend group is very comforting and makes the process a lot less stressful, also it could help academically. If you are having troubles with a certain class asking one of your classmates is an amazing go to problem solver and it will form a stronger bond.

If you do decide to participate in a sport I highly suggest some way to manage your time, an agenda or calendar is great for being on time and getting everything done. School comes before sports all year, bad grades means you cant play sports. Utilizing study halls and free periods is super important to maintain that student-athlete status, if your struggling to be a student taking a break from the sport is never a bad idea. Coaches will understand and they wont hold a grudge. Responsibility is huge when entering highschool and don't stress if something goes wrong. Just recover and continue to have an amazing school experience.

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Walking off the field I looked around knowing this was my final game in middle school. Some people cried and others laughed leaving the last soccer field knowing their 8th grade soccer career was over, but I didn't do either. I was more in favor of silently leaving and waited till I got home to express any emotion. It was the fall of 2019 and my 8th grade soccer season was veering to an end, my team had been successful with past sports experiences and they knew I would be a threat on the field. The regular season was very eventful, I dominated the field in almost every game due to my size advantage and knowledge of the sport. My team was amazing and we had all been playing with each other since 3rd grade. The night of May 27 was terrible, with lots of aggressive rainfall the fields would be muddy and slippery and I was not looking forward to that. I woke up May 28 ascending from my bed ready to hit the field. We would play at least 2 games total because it was double elimination. The first game we played was against Gilmanton, they were a very young and small team so we won that game confidently. The second game we played was against Pittsfield, they had a kid named T.J who self-claimed himself as the best player in the league earlier in the year. The game after he said that he played against us. We won 7-1 and they left the field embarrassed. It was clear that his claim was invalid and he needed a slice of humble pie. One of the other players was someone I formed a good bond with on the field, we cracked jokes with each other and he was a very good defender. We beat them in the playoffs but it was the worst game ever. Our whole team continuously fell in the giant mud pit near the center circle caused by the storm the night before. My cleats were enveloped in mud and the frigid, sharp fall breeze that pierced your skin like an arrow didn't help. Moving into the championship game against Concord Christian academy I had the worst feeling in my stomach, like I just drank acid. They were an amazing team and I had played them several times before In past championships, every year the winner changes. Their team was very experienced and they all had an excellent idea of how to play the game. I knew several kids on the other team and I knew most of them played for other travel teams that are very particular about who plays. At kickoff the tension was at an all time high, the first half was boring with back and forth possession and no goals for anybody. The second half was much different, about 5 minutes in they scored a goal and that hurt. The half was winding down with about 2 minutes left and I received an excellent pass and I took a shot that could make or break the season. It goes in, I roar to the sky as if I was yelling at the gods knowing we were still in the game. The half ends and we go into overtime, first to score wins. The first 2 minutes were boring and nothing vital happened, Then they got a corner kick and the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. They kicked it and one of their players just tapped it into our goal. It was all over, as they were celebrating while I was just looking around knowing my final middle school soccer season ended just like that. After the game trophies were handed out and I just sat there thinking about every other possible outcome of the game. I went home and hung up the pictures we received in little gift bags and sat down and realized I accepted the outcome and there wasn't anything I could do to change it. In the long run I realized the experience was amazing and I wouldn't have wanted it to go any other way.

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