My Top 5 Favorite NFL Players

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My Top 5 Favorite NFL players.

#5. Michael Vick may have a reputation of being the "bad guy" but his actions outside of the gridiron do not reflect his skill. Michael Vick is hands down the most mobile quarterback of all time and his ability to scramble out of the pocket and create opportunities for receivers was impeccable. Vick saw 4 different teams in his entire career and I believe he owes most of his success to the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2009 Vick was singed to the Eagles and he didn't see the field a lot. In 2010 Eagles QB Kevin Kolb was injured and Vick saw this as his opportunity to showcase his ability, and boy did he succeed. Vick continued to start for the Eagles through the playoffs and the team saw lots of success setting franchise records and a season high game of 59 points against the Washington Redskins. Michael Vick may of not made the smartest decisions when it came to his life but he will forever be remembered as a speedy, agile, nimble evader who could put defenders on ice-skates and still manage to throw a laser...….poor dogs.

#4. Randy Moss, one of the most ball aggressive receivers who would do anything to make sure the ball got to him. Mosses footwork and speed of the snap makes cornerbacks uneasy. Moss also had the amazing ability to read cornerbacks very well. If he noticed the cornerback was playing closer to him off the snap Moss realized he would have to beat him with speed. With a vertical of 33 inches and a 4.38 second 40 yard dash Moss showed amazing athletic potential and he showed it on the field. The term "getting mossed" was created because of this man. Moss will be remembered as a top 5 receiver of all time and he has earned his spot on that list.

#3. JJ Watt is a heavy hitting, mean machine on the field. But off the field Watt has done tons of charity work and he won the 2017 Walter Peyton "Man Of The Year Award". Watt played with the Texans and instantly asserted his dominance as a Defensive End. Watt is arguably one of the hardest hitters of all time and his ability to get around offensive lineman is scary for quarterbacks. With 101 total sacks Watt sets a record for the Texans franchise. One of the most famous NFL photographs of all time is Watt with a broken nose profusely bleeding in game after tackling Russell Wilson who is known as fast QB who could avoid Defensive Ends. Watts good guy reputation off the field and dominate aggressiveness on the field lands him at #3 on my list.

#2. Kam Chancellor is an absolute terror. Seeing Kam run across the field to absolutely destroy a receiver brings shivers down any NFL fans spine. Benching 225 for 20 reps instantly put the spotlight on him as a strong safety who had a lot of potential. Kam proved his potential in 2011 where he had over 90 tackles, that instantly made him a threat on the field for the apposing team. Retiring in 2018 due to a neck injury, Kam has most definitely earned his spot in the Hall Of Fame due to his speed, power and all around impact on the game of football.

#1. Megatron, also known as Calvin Johnson may be one of the most feared receivers of all time. Calvin's' size and raw aggression puts him at the #1 spot on this list. Seeing his ability to move with his speed at his size was unheard of. I believe Calvin could of been one of the greatest to play, unfortunately the Detroit Lions constantly dragged him down. In the 2007 season the lions finished 0-16 but Calvin was still the most feared receiver to play against. In 2020 Calvin was rightfully so inducted into the hall of fame.

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