The Top 5 Worst COD Cold War Guns

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The Top 5 Worst COD Cold War Guns.

#5. The PPSH has more cons than pros and that's really the downfall of this weapon. With no attachments the weapon has extreme vertical recoil that is hard to control whilst in an intense gun fight. The biggest problem with this weapon is that it doesn't stand out enough compared to the other SMGs, there just isn't anything that makes it memorable. The MAC-10 and MP5 easily could defeat the PPSH with ease in any combat situation. The only good part about this weapon is how nostalgic it is to the COD franchise. I hope to see this weapon get a buff in the future because due to its basic build, lack of damage and speed the PPSH is on this list.

#4.The QBZ-83 is a gun that has the same problem as the PPSH, there is just nothing special that makes it shine from the other ARs like the AK-47 or the KRIG-6. The QBZ is a middle of the road gun that lacks in damage and accuracy. It loses most close and medium range battles due to its slow time to kill at 353 Ms. It also takes 5 shots to kill which is equivalent to the XM4. The QBZ may be fast for an AR but its inability to compete with other weapons causes it to be a last pick choice for a veteran or experienced COD player.

#3. The RPD is a slow LMG that takes the speed away from a fast pace COD match. The sprint to fire time of 450 Ms makes it hard to compete with guns at any other range. Only dealing 38 damage per hit makes this LMG extremely weak and makes it a last pick option for a weapon. Unless your playstyle is very slow and laid back I don't suggest this weapon for any range in any gunfight. The RPD lacks speed ad damage, the Stoner-63 can easily overpower the RPD at any range which makes the RPD forgettable.

#2. The AUG is a 3-burst rifle that has a hideous base optic. Being a 3-burst AR is already a disadvantage but the AUGs slow firing rate and shoot move speed makes the burst very difficult and inconvenient to use. With the recoil with each bullet it makes it hard to be accurate with all 3 rounds. Having some of the lowest damage for a Tactical Rifle makes the AUG a last choice option. The AUG also has a very short range of about 28 Meters which Is only 7 meters higher than the Diamatti. The AUG is a weak and difficult to control 3-round burst which makes it the second worst gun on this list.

#1. The M82, possibly one of the worst variations of the 50.Cal. The M82 is a slow unappealing weapon that is semi-automatic. Being the only semi-automatic sniper in Cold War, the M82 has tons of recoil and I personally find it hard to re-adjust my aim after firing a bullet. The base optic for the scope is atrocious and the sway makes me sea-sick. The M82 also randomly becomes 2 shot at very close ranges. This gun is nothing to be ecstatic about and the M82 doesn't even compare to the other snipers in the game when it comes to mobility and accuracy. The M82 is the worst weapon due to its terrible attributes and it most definitely will not be remembered as a good 50.Cal sniper.

This list is opinion based. I have a certain play style and this is my personal rankings for these guns. If you disagree please let me know why so I can understand you POV when it comes to these weapons. Thank you

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