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Idaho: Library Book Returned After 110 Years

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It's Never Too Late.
Courtesy of Boise Public Library

A library book returned after 110 years in Idaho. Boise Public Library tweeted a very unusual incident on Twitter, and it was all praise. A book that had been checked out in 1910 has finally returned. It was "The New Chronicles of Rebecca" by Kate Douglas Wiggin, published in the early 20th century. Going by the rules of the library, this could have incurred a fine of $803, considering 2 cents per day fine. But, in 2019, the library made itself fine for free.

Climate-Neutral Lithium
Kumpan Electric/Unsplash

In other positive news, a company is planning to produce climate-neutral lithium in Europe. According to Vulcan Energy, geothermal plants can be used to produce lithium, which forms a vital part of the batteries used in electric vehicles. By 2025, they will be extracting around 40,000 tonnes of lithium hydroxide annually, which will be enough to power 1 million electric vehicles. Currently, the world relies on China, Australia, and the Republic of Congo for this key component, prices of which are up 276 percent this year, due to high demand. Source: Euractiv

The Silver Bullet
National Cancer Institute/Unsplash

In other very positive news, researchers at Princeton University have found a compound, what they call a "silver bullet", that can disable the gene that is central to the growth of most cancers. They have worked on this project since 2004, or the last 15 years, when the paper was first published. Clinical trials are also not too far away, New Atlas reported. This kind of cancer leads to 40,000 deaths every year in the U.S. and is one of the primary causes of death from the disease.

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