FREE Seed Catalogs! But Are They Worth It?

After getting so many seed catalogs in the mail I started to wonder to myself, "are seed catalogs worth it?" All winter long catalog after catalog arrives and I'm usually excited to see each one. However most of them I flip through once and then I discard them and head to the internet where ultimately I will be doing my purchasing from. Companies waste a ton of money every year printing and mailing catalogs, and that's money they could be saving to help lower prices for you. Thanks for Watching! You can send us mail! The Citystead P.O. Box 130 Lapeer, MI 48446 Email us: This is my merch and goods store, I profit from the items purchased Merch and Goods:

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The Citystead is the journey of my family transforming our zone 5b/6a Michigan backyard into an urban homestead. This year we are taking the leap into trying to start a small farm business. We are working on using our land to start a garlic farm. I'm documenting the whole process for others who might be in my situation where they want a farm business but have to travel and be away from the farm at times. Our kids are very involved in our gardening, and we have set up many different areas to keep them entertained and wanting to be out side playing as much as possible. Everything from a bushcraft grape teepee to our bean tent, we even have a secret forest corner for them to explore. You may be dreaming about that farm or homestead with tons of land, but we want to show you what is possible on a smaller scale with the space you currently have.

Lapeer, MI

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