Uncovering Fascinating Facts about the Russian Revolution: From Frozen Guns to the Establishment of Green Ukraine

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Armed soldiers carry a banner reading 'Communism', Nikolskaya street, Moscow, October 1917Photo bycommons.wikimedia

The Russian Revolution led to the establishment of the first Communist state, which Vladimir Lenin established.

There were numerous uprisings, civil wars and protests that led to the formation of this dynasty. Let’s uncover the fascinating facts about the Russian revolution to unravel the events.

Fact 1: American Polar Bears Faced Immense Problems To Keep Their Guns From Freezing

At the time of the Russian Civil War, there were almost 5,000 US troops in Northern Russia. These troops were sent at the humble request of the French and British governments.

These US troops landed in late 1918 and mainly consisted of men from Wisconsin and Michigan. These troops were known as the Polar Bears, and throughout the winter of 1918–1919, they focused their efforts mainly on six specific locations.

The temperatures kept decreasing and ultimately reached below minus fifty degrees Fahrenheit, leading to these weapons being frozen. They froze to the extent that the troops could no longer use them. By July 1919, almost 550 men died due to combat and some from severe disease.

Fact 2: The Murders of Romanovs Went Far Beyond The Czar’s Immediate Family

After the abdication of Czar Nicholas the Second in 1917, his wife Alexandra and their five children were kept in confinement. They were confined at Yekaterinburg, a city in the Ural Mountains.

There was a glimmer of hope when there was a civil war between the Red (Communist) and the White Russian forces; however, to the dismay of the Romanovs, they all perished. The entire family was eradicated, and their murder was ruthless.

In 1918 Bolshevik revolutionaries murdered the five children of the Romanovs, which included Olga, Maria, Alexei, Alexandria and Tatiana, along with their parents.

The people were not very concerned with these murders and paid little heed to the affair. This was mainly because the people were too busy struggling to survive the Civil War.

In addition to the immediate Czars, the extended family members were also murdered in 1918. This included the dukes and the duchesses, who were taken down to a mine and thrown down a shaft. These people were alive while they were killed, and hand grenades were thrown at them, which led to their deaths.

Fact 3: Establishment Of Green Ukraine During The Russian Civil War

The Bolsheviks set up a republic led by Alexander Krasnoshchyokov, which was mainly established as a buffer zone between the imperial countries in Eastern Asia and between the Communist Soviet Union. This buffer zone was established in 1920 after several years of war in Siberia and the Far eastern republic.

Between 1917 and 1918, a considerable number of the Ukrainian population attempted to have autonomy almost three times. These Ukrainians were from eastern soviet Russia and wanted to establish a green Ukraine.

They wanted to establish this Ukrainian National Republic partnered with the dictatorship of Admiral Alexandra Kolchak, who was in Siberia. He eventually lost power back in 1920, and this plan ultimately failed.

Fact 4: The Red Army Expanded And Eventually Got Too Big

The entire war between the Bolsheviks of Vladimir Lenin and the Whites between 1971–1921 was described in two terms: the Reds and the Whites. The main reason the red army was associated with this colour is mainly because of the struggle.

The members of this Red Army were mainly elite troops from the imperial army. These people formed the Red Army when they joined the Bolsheviks, and the colour symbolised the call to change.

The White Army completely contrasted with the red army in colour and characteristics. The white colour represented orthodox principles, tradition and, lastly, nationalism. The White Army had no unified leadership, and Leon Trotsky headed the Red Army.

Eventually, the Red Army became too large to manage, so the size was limited to only a million men. Trotsky and Lenin thought a million professional soldiers were better than three million hungry, starving, naked, and weak soldiers.

The Red Army wanted to remain efficient in combating the White Army, so they set a limit to the number of soldiers. They wanted healthy, strong, well fed and well-clothed soldiers.

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