How to Easily Catch Fish in Mercer County, New Jersey (Panfish FIshing)

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen (people of the Catternation)! Today I take you to one of central New jersey's finest bass fisheries, Lake Assunpink to pursue the first fish in our CNJ line-up. Utilizing affordable equipment, I show you how to easily catch Bluegill (sunfish) and have a blast while doing it. Gear that I recommend: - A 500-1000 size spinning reel - A 5'-6' long Light, Medium-light, or Ultra-light fishing rod - 2-4lb strength fishing line - Small fishing bobbers/floats - Size 6, 8 or 10 Aberdeen hooks - some nightcrawlers/worms Cheers, thanks for watching, and see you in the next video! #HiddenGems

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Hey guys, I'm Kevin-Scott aka 'The Catterman', Wondering what the nickname even means? Well... it translates to Catfish Man. That's right, I'm in love with those whiskery and slimy catfish. Hey, someones gotta love em even when their mother doesn't. Anywho, I'm also passionate about other fisheries; it's just that catfish are one of my faves. That being said, you can expect to learn a ton of things from my articles and videos relating to fishing in general, especially as I get better through the years. I hope you will too alongside my guidance. All that being said, make sure you follow me for cinematic adventures, local guides, travel vlogs, and tips & tricks. I look forward to seeing you around NewsBreak!

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