Chores and HomeSchooling are a Fun Part of Living a Full Time Life on the Road!

Dad set out to the grocery store early this morning in search for some distilled water. He needs the water to do chores on the bus conversion. The children help dad find the items on his shopping list. Fresh baked sourdough bread, check, trash bag, check, half and half, check. Now the list is complete! Breakfast is being prepared this morning by Isaiah, the eldest son. Yummy fried eggs and toast sure smell good and taste delicious too. Now that breakfast is finished, we have school and chores to complete. Today, Arwen and Ashton have a 50 word spelling test. Dad is using the distilled water to top off the water in the batteries that are mounted underneath the bus. We hurry to get our schooling and chores done and now it’s time for play. Off to the park for some great fun!

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