8 Sources of Pollution That Makes People Sick and the Environment Toxic to Health

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Do you know what makes us ill and the environment hazardous to our health?

Today, I’ll share with you the 8 sources of pollution that makes people sick and the environment toxic to health.

The major sources of pollution are:

1. Industry

The main polluter is the industry. During the industrial process, harmful substances are set free into the atmosphere, causing local catastrophes when special filters are inexistent for purging the residual gases.


Depending on the height of the furnaces and on the atmospheric conditions, the gases can spread locally or at big distances.

All these gases will finally end up on the soil. Studies have proven the fact that up to 40 km of soil around the metallurgic works are affected by the gases these works produce.

2. Vehicle Emission / Transports

All over the world people are experiencing air quality changes because of vehicle emissions, particularly in the peak of summer.

Cities have worsening air quality to where it has become normal to hear air quality warnings.

Do you know that 500 mature trees are needed to combat the emissions for every 20,000 km driven?

In the USA, 60 percent of the gas pollution is caused by auto vehicles and in certain cities like Los Angeles or Chicago, the percentage is raised to 90 percent. Engine combustion is the main responsible for all this pollution.


The vehicles are eliminating gases very near the earth, leading to high concentrations of gas in the atmosphere, even for low-density gases.

The volume, nature and concentration of the car pollutants are depending on the type of vehicle, the nature of fuel and the vehicle’s technical conditions of functioning. 

Some of these pollutant substances are:

  • Particles in suspension 

  • Sulphur dioxide 

  • Lead 

  • Methane 

  • Benzene 

  • Asbestos. 

All the above substances are creating the smog.

3. Volcano eruptions

Are also harmful to nature as they generate liquid and solid gas products which not only harm the surrounding relief but also the atmosphere’s purity.


A volcano eruption will form thick clouds made of dust, ash and water vapors. These suspensions can remain in the atmosphere up to 2 years.

The powder that comes from volcano eruptions is considered to contribute to the greenhouse effect created by increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.

4. Natural fires

Are a source of smoke and ash and happen when climate humidity lowers below the natural crisis level.


This phenomenon is mostly found in the tropical areas but can also appear in US during the droughty years.

5. Dust Storms or Sandstorm

Dust storms cause soil loss from the dry lands, and worse, they preferentially remove organic matter and the nutrient-rich lightest particles, thereby reducing agricultural productivity.


Also, the abrasive effect of the sandstorm damages young crop plants.

6. The housekeeping activities

Are contributing to the pollution in different ways and we don’t even realize it. For warming a house some people depend on wood and so, every year millions of trees are being cut down and used as firewood.

In USA, every year 130 million tons of firewood are being consumed, and this quantity covers only for 3 percent of the consumption energy.


The remarkable growth in world population and national economies has fed into the environment lots of toxic gases that are changing the environment in which we live. These toxic gases are causing serious changes of pollution on earth.

7. Plastic

Plastic pollution affects both humans and animals. The compounds used in the manufacture of plastic releases toxic chemicals into the air and water that are hazardous to the body. Plastic also contributes to global warming.


8. Garbage

Are waste or refuse materials that releases gaseous waste that have very undesirable effects to the human health.


The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) now suggests that the air pollution existing today in the US raises the risk of lung disease to a point where more than half of the US population is breathing unhealthy amounts of air pollution .

Over 50 million Americans seem to suffer from allergies and more than 20 million battle asthma. 


There is such a thing as Sick Building Syndrome, a worldwide phenomenon, when chemical substances used in office construction such as glue, insulating materials, cardboard, and fiberglass are steadily released into the atmosphere from electronic equipment, carpeting, furniture and fittings.

That is why the air inside buildings or residential structures may be many times more polluted than the air outside, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


Thank you for reading the 8 sources of pollution that makes people sick and the environment toxic to health.

I hope this helps, and that you learned something relevant for your health and the environment.

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Until next time. Let us make the earth clean and friendly to all of us. Take care, stay safe.

Photo credits: Cottonbro, Marcin Jozwiak, Clive Kim, Pixabay, Aleksandar Pasaric, Alex Lazaro, Yogendra Singh, Magda Ehlers, Harrison Haines, Cottonbro, Monica Silvestre / pexels.com

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