The Virus Factor in Sickness and the 3 Nutrients You Need to Help Keep a Healthy Cell

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Have you ever wondered why people get sick? Feeling sick or getting sick is not good for anyone.

Today I’m going to share the virus factor in sickness and the 3 nutrients you need to help keep a healthy cell.

Basically viruses make you sick by invading your cells, co-opting the internal machinery and reproduce themselves by the millions. 

Then they explode from the cell into your bloodstream, looking for and finding millions of new cells to invade and attack, thus starting the process over again. 

The more difficult it is to enter the cell, the less severe the illness, the more difficult it is for the virus to co-opt your system, the quicker recovery and the less chance of actually getting "sick."

3 Nutrients For A Healthier Body Cell          

  • Vitamin C

We already know the benefits of vitamin C for fighting off colds and flu.

One mechanism by which it works is that it is essential in the building of every cell in your body.

If there is a Vitamin C deficiency, the cell walls aren't as strong, contain more weak access points, and are simply more susceptible to invasion by viruses.

More vitamin C, stronger cell walls, better defense against viruses. It turns out this true, but only a part of the health equation.

Most of us miss this---It turns out that there are 2 additional nutrients I'll mention below that work synergistically with Vitamin C to create not just a stronger cell wall but a healthier cell wall. 

Without the proper inclusion of these two important nutrients, the cell wall is much less healthy than it should be. 

A bit like building a brick wall, but not including the mortar. It is strong but has no flexibility and is replete with weak points. 

  • Calcium 

We all know how important calcium is to that proper formation, strengthening and healing of bones. 

What many don't know, is that it also is just as vital for the proper formation and health of every aspect of your body, including your skin and your cells.

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM)

A biological form of sulfur. It is naturally occurring in almost everything! 

However, unless you don't cook your food, there is a high likelihood that you have an MSM deficiency. 

Cooking strips this vital nutrient from our meals. MSM is also vital for the proper creation of bones, ligaments, skin, etc.

It is vital to the proper creation of your cells. You will see almost immediate proof of MSM's impact on your physiology. 

As soon as you begin your regimen, you will notice your hair and nails growing faster.

What you are seeing on the outside is also happening on the inside!

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts-Vitamin C, Calcium, MSM, each have their own specific benefits. 

But when taken together, by making sure that they are in your system at the same time so that they can work together, the result is a synergism that enhances and improves all that they do. 

Use these together and the cells of your body will function better. 

Instead of the brittleness of the brick wall with no mortar, they have the flexibility to function as they were meant to. 

The cell walls will more easily take in nutrients, they will more easily expel toxins and waste, and they will more efficiently fight off the invasion of viruses. 

Remember that our health is also our wealth.

Thank you for reading the virus factor in sickness and the 3 nutrients you need to help keep a healthy cell. I hope this helps.

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