How To Decode One's Mind via His or Her Sleeping Positions and Eyes

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Today let me share with you how to decode one's mind via his or her sleeping positions and eyes. If you’ve ever wondered about the validity of body language analysis, here is something new and very exciting to ponder.

We may be aware of body language and be able to fake different positions to trick onlookers, but this is not possible when we are asleep. At night, our body naturally and involuntarily adopts the position that feels the most natural.

This has resulted in a study, showing that the way you sleep with your partner at night might be a true reflection of the actual emotions being felt and the true dynamics of the relationship.

  • Loving Spoon: This signifies happily “married, loving and still wanting physical contact and closeness. This self-evident position is where one partner basically lies on their side, with the other closely behind them, folding into their back. Usually the arm of the partner at the back is draped over the stomach area of the first. This way, you can pull each other closer together, feeling very intimate. A really good sign of a close emotional relationship and friendship not burdened by any sexual frustration is shown by the body language in this case.

  • Honeymoon: This is the time when you just can’t get enough of each other. You are acting like new lovers, with the “I can believe you want me” mindset. Here you want to just about crawl into each other and have as much open physical contact as possible. In this position, you would lie hugging each other face to face. Generally this might be with one partner more on their back and not just a side-by-side position. This, the most romantic position, sends the signals that there is total commitment and reassurance, while touching as much as possible.

  • Bottom to bottom: This is a good compromise from the sometimes overbearing first two positions. Each partner lies basically on their side of the bed, facing to their side, but their buttocks still touching. This is the most comfortable sleeping position that still involves physical contact. There is reassurance that the physical aspect of the relationship is still alive, but does not take top priority in the overall picture. Because it is actually more comfortable to sleep on your own, the startling part here is that you’re still trying to maintain a form of contact even in a semi or unconscious state.

  • Distant and apart: Here the sleeping partners lie on their own side of the bed, as far apart as possible, turned away from each other. Trouble brews here. This relationship has died, or at the very least has gone through a very trying time. Because body language doesn’t lie, the partner's sleeping behavior signifies, that in fact they would rather be on their own. If you find yourself sleeping like this permanently, this usually signifies emotional distance during waking hours as well.

Looking at the four scenarios above, you can quickly tell at what stage your relationship is. Of course, we are talking about a normal healthy physical pre-condition. Either partner being unwell would not count.

Also, none of this is etched in stone. Most couples will in fact go through a range of these positions during the course of a night. The predominance, or total avoidance of one or other position, will however give great clues to the overall state of the relationship.

If you detect a certain pattern here, you can effectively use this to determine the state of your relationship and take appropriate action. In this way, body language analysis is effective.

Meanwhile, learn how to get a better idea of the general state of mind and receptivity of the person in front of you. A person's pupils get bigger when they are aroused, interested and/or receptive.

If you look into a person's eyes and see those pupils growing large – it’s looking good for you. Basically, big pupils (unless it’s just dark) mean a person likes what they see.

Try it and you’ll understand what I'm talking about. Go look in the mirror at your own eyes. As you look at them, imagine a sexy man or woman you are attracted to – in whatever way would turn you on. You’ll see that your pupils get bigger in just seconds.

Anything you like to look at can make your pupils bigger. How do you use this to read minds? Start by watching for changing of pupil size to know if someone is interested in you or what you have to say.

And yes, shrinking pupils generally mean the person is not interested. Just be careful to note if light in the person's eyes is causing the shrinking pupils.

Besides judging the general level of interest and/or receptivity to you, you can use pupil size to go a little deeper into a person’s mind.

For example, during a conversation, you can describe various scenes or delve into different topics, while watching the person's pupils. If their pupils shrank at the mention of skiing, and got huge when you described a beach you like, you can be fairly certain they would like the Bahamas over a ski resort.

The great thing about this little mind reading trick is that you can easily test it and refine your technique. Practice by reading minds of friends whose interests you know already and watch their pupils as you describe various places or even ideas. See if getting them to visualize by saying something of interest to them gets a bigger pupil response.

Mind reading by watching eyes isn’t all about pupil size, though. By simply noticing what a person is watching, you can learn a lot about what is going on in their mind.

What women does a man look at? Does he pay any attention to the game on the TV? Note whether he seems bored or interested as he looks at different things. Yes, watching or observing people's eyes is one of the best ways to read minds.

Thank you for reading this blog on how to decode one's mind via his or her sleeping positions and eyes. If you enjoyed this, consider sharing it to your family and friends for informational purpose and just for fun. You can also follow me here on News Break. Take care and stay safe, everyone. Until next time.

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