Dining at a 7-time Michelin Recommended Chinese Restaurant: Szechuan Gourmet | Midtown, Manhattan

Szechuan Gourmet is one of New York’s first Szechuan restaurants and a seven-time Michelin Recommended Chinese restaurant in Midtown, Manhattan. They currently have 2 locations in Manhattan - we visited the one on 39th St near Bryant Park! Chef Huang, who has over 20 years of experience, incorporates old-school Szechuan spice with contemporary flavors. His dishes are composed of ingredients shipped freshly from China. We were so excited to be invited for a tasting and were definitely in for some authentic spice during this filling experience~ The 5 dishes we ordered: (1) steamed pork soup dumplings (2) mapo tofu (3) prawns with spicy garlic sauce (4) braised whole bass w/ chili & minced pork (5) Szechuan Gourmet special fried rice

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