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Camping can be a fun experience for young children. Planning different activities can really give your child a good experience while away in the wilderness. Be sure to plan these activities beforehand; you may have to bring along extra materials to see some of these activities through.

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Here are a few of my favorite camping activities for children:

Leaf hunt

This is a fun activity for younger children. As you take a nature walk through the woods, have your child carry along a bag. Collect different types of leaves and flowers. Make sure to be cautious of any poisonwood or poison ivy. Once you are at home, have the kids pull out the leaves and use the internet to identify the leaves and what types of trees they may have come off of.

Campfire Charades

This is a fun game to play while sitting around a campfire. This game can be played one on one or can be played as teams. On small sheets of paper, write down words of different things in the wilderness such as animals or objects, and place them in a hat or bowl. One at a time, choose a piece of paper out of the hat and try acting it out. The team or person who guesses the most correct wins.

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How Old Is It?

This is a fun activity for kids to do while taking a hike through the woods. As you walk through the woods, look for various tree stumps that have been either cut down or have fallen over. Have the kids count the rings around the tree stump to determine how many years old that particular tree is. This is also a fun and educational activity that will teach the children about the aging of trees.

Blindfold Mania

Divide the children into groups of two. Map out a course through various trees where the groups will talk to their blindfolded partners through the course. The first team that leads each other through the obstacle the fastest wins. Make sure that this activity is done in a mildly wooded area. Thick woods may be too difficult for younger children and could become a safety issue.

Let your imagination run wild and see what other games you can come up with while camping.

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