Pom Pom Craft for Kids

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This pom pom craft for kids can be made into a chicken or any animal that you love. Then, it can be turned into a pencil topper in a few simple steps.




  • glue
  • construction paper - red, yellow, white
  • scissors
  • black marker
  • yellow yarn



First, let's make the pom pom. Wrap yarn around your fingers until you’ve got a good amount. The more you wrap, the thicker your pom pom will be. Cut the end of the string from your ball of yarn.


Then, slip the yarn off your fingers. Cut a different piece of yarn and wrap it around the middle of the bundle. Tie it into a tight knot.


The tighter your knot is, the better.


Cut through the loops on both sides of the pom pom. Fluff up the ends and trim any that are too long.


To make your pom pom into a pencil topper, take a piece of construction paper and wrap it around the top of a pencil. Wrap it around a few times and glue the edge of the paper to the roll.


Put glue on the top of the roll of paper and stick the pom pom to it. Let it dry.


Use construction paper to add details to your pom pom. You can turn it into a chicken like we did or any other animal that you love. Glue on the details. Let it dry.

Once it is dry, slide the pencil topper onto the top of a pencil and you are ready for writing!

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