The Benefits of Owning a Pet

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Let's be honest, a pet seems like extra work and responsibility for parents. What I've discovered is that there are incredible benefits for children having a pet. It's these benefits that outweigh the extra time and money that a pet can need.

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Impulse Control

Pets can help a child develop impulse control. They learn to observe what the animal is communicating with their body language and thatt they can't do whatever they want, when they want to the animal.

Sense of Responsibility

Feeding, cleaning up after, and spending time with a pet helps to develop a sense of responsibility to do what's right for others.

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Having a pet there to talk to, play with, snuggle, and even read a book to is a special type of companionship that is really valuable.


Caring about the feelings and needs of something other than yourself builds empathy in your child. A pet is the perfect thing to help develop this skill.

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Reduces Anxiety

Pets are calming and are a source of comfort that can reduce anxiety in children and adults.

Life Lessons

Birth, illness, and death are just a few of the valuable life lessons that pets teach us. It will be easier for a child to deal with these life lessons when it is another person when they've already had the experience of dealing with it with their pet.

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