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Does your child LOVE dogs? If so, this birthday party idea is perfect for you. Throw your child a dog themed party in a few easy steps.


Print these party invitations HERE. You can fill out one and text it to your group or put them in the mail. Kids love getting mail!

Adopt a Dog

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As each child enters, their first stop will be to Adopt a Dog. These dogs need a home and each child will pick the perfect one for him or her. You can find these stuffed dogs sold in an inexpensive bundle HERE.

The whole party is based on this stuffed dog and it is also the party favor, so it is worth the investment.

Party Games and Activities

Make a Dog Collar - Set out pipe cleaners and beads and invite each child to make a collar for their new pet. You can get fancy and add letter beads so they can spell it's new name on the collar or keep it simple with colored beads. Attach a leash to the pipe cleaner collar using ribbon (optional).

Decorate a Dog House - Before the party save different sized boxes so the children can design dog houses or dog carriers for their new dog. Tape the box together and cut a square or rounded door out of the front like a dog house would have or use the bottom part of shoe boxes to avoid having to cut out doors. Put out makers, scissors, paper, glue, and stickers for the children to decorate their dog houses. I would avoid paint for this activity because it is hard for children to wait while the paint dries.

Musical Chairs - Play musical chairs with your dog.


Themed food can be fun, but it also time consuming. Save time by serving food that your child likes and is easy for you to put together (pizza, sandwiches, etc.).

Then, add dog themed cupcakes. You can download and print this FREE set of Dog Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers HERE.

Party Favors

The party favor is the dog that each child adopted as well as the house and collar they made. If you wanted to do something in addition to that, you could put candies in a small plastic bag and label it "Dog Treats" with a message that says, "Thanks for coming to my PAWty!".

I love the theme of this party and how it can be adapted to groups of different ages. If your child loves horses, cats, or dinosaurs, keep the same concept of the party and change it to adopting a stuffed horse, cat, or dinosaur. So simple and so fun!

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