5 Agricultural Learning Experiences for Kids

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There are so many benefits of raising children in a farm environment. Not only do they get fresh air, and lots of it, but the children get to see what happens in the cycle of life at an early age, giving them a better understanding and respect for nature. They work hard with their family to take care of animals, gardens, and crops and see the correlation between their hard work and providing food for their family and others.


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But not every child is raised on a farm, so how can you expose your child to the things that are learned on a farm? Here are five farm-related learning activities that will help you expose your child to different agricultural learning experiences.


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Visit Your Local Nursery

The kids will get to see the greenhouses and learn a little about how plants start and what they look like, the differences, and the varieties. How they transplant plants into the fields and what it takes to maintain them. You can pick up your bedding plants and maybe some produce while you are there.


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Visit a Goat Farm

Watch the process of making cheese. See how they milk the goats. I am sure the kids will also get to pet and feed the goats.


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Visit a Dairy Farm

See how they milk the cows, feed the cows, and store the milk. The farmers may let the kids taste the milk straight from the cow, definitely a different experience.Go to a Farmer's Market


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Go to a Farmer's Market

Find an indoor farmer's market in your area. The kids will see the farmer's trying to sell their product that they have worked hard for. You could also go to the outdoor farmer's markets, and you will probably find a lot more farmers with a lot more product.Go to an Alpaca Farm


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Go to an Alpaca Farm

Alpaca wool is very soft and takes a lot of work. There is a lot of Alpaca farmer's that would love to show you how to spin the wool.

These activities are great learning experiences as well as showing kids respect for what goes into their mouths. Today, where your food comes from and what goes on your food before you get it is important. The more the kids learn as children, the healthier they will be in the long term.

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