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If you don't want to spend a lot of extra money on toys that are specifically for the bathtub: good news! There are many ways to take things you already have around the house and turn them into fun bath toys for your toddler!

Craft Foam

Cut craft foam into fun shapes. When craft foam gets wet, it sticks to the walls of the bath tub. Add a turkey baster and squirt water at the different shapes like we did HERE. This activity is great for color recognition, shape recognition, vocabulary, and fine motor skills.

Toys You Already Have

Any toy that won't be ruined by water can be a bath toy. Wash dishes from the play kitchen or bring favorite plastic animals into the bath tub. Trucks and cars can drive underwater. Make a race track out of craft foam to drive cars on.

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Bubbles and Body Paint

The bathtub is a great place to blow bubbles (less clean-up for mom and the bubbles are made of soap, after all!) If your child has any body paints that you never use because of the mess, use them in the tub!

Markers and Bath Crayons

Any markers that are not permanent can be used to make water fun and interesting colors. Take an old marker that is about ready to be tossed and dip the end into a container of water. It will dye the water. Your child can have fun mixing colors to create new ones. (Using food coloring will likely dye your child's skin, so stick with washable markers!)

Bath crayons can be purchased at the store and will be a big hit with your toddler. They wash off easily and scribbling on the vertical surface of the bath tub is great for strengthing wrist rotation.

Household Items

Simply adding plastic cups or storage containers to the bathtub can be tons of fun. Kids can pour water into and out of different sized and shaped containers. Add an old colander or strainer, a turkey baster, a ladle, and a slotten spoon.

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Turn bath time into an adventure. Pretend to be a pirate roaming the seas or become a mermaid by wrapping a wash cloth around their feet. A few props and a lot of imagination can make bath time a fun adventure.

There are so many things you have around the house to turn into bath toys to make bath time fun and a learning opportunity.

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