Make an Origami Heart Bookmark

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With a square piece of paper and a few folds, your child can make an origami heart bookmark.


  • origami paper or a square piece of paper
  • scissors
  • pencil

Use a piece of origami craft paper or cut out a square piece of paper for your Origami Heart Bookmark.

Fold the paper in half into a triangle.

Fold that triangle in half again.

Open it back up and you will see a vertical line in the middle.

Now, take the right corner of the triangle and bring down to the bottom corner, lining up the edge along the crease.

Bring the left corner of the triangle down to the bottom corner, lining up the edge along the crease.

Open those two folds back up.

Move the bottom corner of the triangle up and crease. Make sure to only take the top piece of the corner.

Fold the right and left corners back down.

Use scissors to trim the edges of the points.

Now take the left side and fold it up and in.

Fold the right side up and in too.

The folded part will be the bottom of the heart that slides over the corner of the page. Draw the curves of the heart shape on the side opposite of the folds. Then cut along the lines to finish making your heart bookmark.

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