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Killer Still Loose After Slithering Out of Prison

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A convicted murderer is somehow still on the lam after busting out of a Pennsylvania prison last week. Danelo Cavalcante's brazen escape has baffled officials and terrorized local residents for over a week now. Cavalcante managed to slip through the cracks on August 31st by "crab-walking" between two walls and shimmying right out of the prison yard unnoticed. The tower guard on duty at the time has now been fired over the massive security lapse. But how Cavalcante pulled off this "Shawshank Redemption"-style escape remains a mystery. Authorities are dumbfounded that the killer has evaded capture for so long despite hundreds of officers swarming the area. "He'll make a mistake. He'll become more desperate," said Lt. Col. George Bivens, who's leading the exhaustive search. Cavalcante was doing time for brutally stabbing his ex-girlfriend to death in 2021. And he's wanted for another murder in Brazil. Understandably, local residents are on edge with this dangerous fugitive still on the loose. Some have even reported spotting him lurking on their properties. "It was an acute moment of terror when I saw him in my home," said Pocopson Township local Ryan Drummond. "My stomach dropped." How much longer can Cavalcante stay hidden? With his face splashed all over the news, it seems his time is running out. But so far, this cunning killer has made fools of the authorities pursuing him. The bizarre escape has gripped the nation. Will officials finally nab their man? Or could the search drag on if Cavalcante exploits more shocking loopholes? The twists and turns continue...

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