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Life is better in West, Texas, with Kayla Bettge. Devoted wife and mother, Kayla has so many talents that she can't keep her eggs all in one basket. She is what we call a "mompetreneur". Yes, you read that right. Kayla married into a founding Czech family in West, she runs a cake business with her mother, a pet Frenchie business, she's a silent partner of Ferris Wheelers of Dallas, and she spends what little free time she has working at the nursing home on weekends and visiting home health pediatrics during the week. Kayla has a Masters in Occupational Therapy and is waiting for her state board review. She has dreams of working in NICU at a children's hospital. Her family is why she does it all.

She doesn't have to work, but her creative talents keep her busy and striving for new ways to help people and reward her family. "I was just making cakes and breeding pet Frenchie's for fun, but it turned into something that brought a lot of joy into my friend's lives, so I expanded my hobbies and turned them into revenue" states Bettge. Her work has evolved to involving the whole family, she has gained multiple business partners, friends, and continues to do what she does best, love and help people.

Recently Bettge has expanded her ventures and co-hosted a dog fun show in Mesquite, Texas. Hundreds of families from all over participated and memories were made. French, English Bulldog and Bully lovers entered their dogs into the show into specific categories, some even had their children (juniors) handle their dogs on the show ring. Many people walked away with door prizes, ribbons, trophies and even cash prizes. Modest and humble, This mom boss is taking strides. "I'm not in it to get rich, I want to help people, and in return it helps my family meet our needs even faster".

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