Moments of Remembering Past Trauma

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The uncomfortable flashbacks that stay in our mind and body. 

I live with PTSD. I’m not ashamed to say, nor will I ever be. 

And anyone who lives with PTSD knows that the flashbacks can be strong and present in the worst possible times. It could be as small as the smell of something that reminds me of those bad times. 

Or the hopeless feeling I would be when my body relives the trauma I endured. Now this isn’t like the movies where you start seeing images of the day that happened. Rather, it can be your body and mind going into a state of panic, because the feelings from that day are present. 

Breathe through it

Stay calm and remember that these are just feelings. Nothing is actually happening and everything is okay. The feelings we experience are simply that: feelings. They don’t predict when someone will happen, nor will they be useful in times of stress. 

Take deep breaths and stay focused on the moment.

Ground yourself

Observe your thoughts and emotions as passing clouds. Meditative practices are great tools that you can use to take control of your feelings and guide you through this tough moment. 

The feelings and sensations can feel so real. During this time, I usually experience disassociation. I am completely detached from the world around me. and I simply not present. It feels as though life almost isn’t real. 

Meditation is a practice where a person learns how to focus their attention. There are many different ways and reasons why people meditate. With meditation, there is a significant focus on centering and controlling your attention. Meditation takes consistent practice to see long-term results.

There are five steps to meditation with goal setting in mind that Yoga International has identified:

  • Set your intention
  • Focus only on what you can control
  • Be consistent
  • Allow room for bumps and setbacks
  • Revise and repeat

Out of the list above, I want to focus on intention. Your intention is so important in achieving your dreams and meditating. You are setting your purpose and your effort into yourself.

I use meditation with steady breathing, following a specific pattern. I am a fan of the ‘box breathing method’:

  • 4 second inhale
  • 4-second hold
  • 4-second release
  • 4-second rest

And you repeat until your heart desires. Box breathing method is very steady and easy to keep track of your breathing.

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