Keeping Positivity in Times of Darkness

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In a way that is completely free of toxic positivity. 

Positivity is the hardest lesson that I have had to learn throughout all my struggles. How simply the attitude and thoughts towards an event can drastically change the effects of that day.

Let me first stop off by saying that I am a complete hater of toxic positivity. Simply putting a smile on your face or trying to keep positive is difficult. 

But we still need positivity. Positivity in times of hardship can be odd or difficult to find. 

For me, being positive means being in the moment. Embracing where I am at a right now, and knowing that life goes through different seasons. In the midst's of dark times, there will always be good times. 

We just need to hold out for those good times. 

Make it to tomorrow

In my darkest days, I couldn’t see any life beyond the moment I was presently in. I can only imagine my life to be as it is forever. The truth is, life is change. Life is all about change good or bad. 

There were numerous times that I was faced with screaming matches between the narcissist in my life and other family members.

So this left me feeling scared, alone and hurt. I wanted to be okay, and I wanted to have a lovely family. I didn’t imagine or feel that my life was going anywhere good. I was useless, worthless, and overall a horrible person. 

But I always said that I just had to make it tomorrow and be okay. That was something that helped to keep me going. I wanted to be safe, so I prayed that tomorrow would bring new hope.

Slowly, overtime, I began to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The problem with change is that is takes so long that it’s hard to feel hopeful or positive about anything. 

It cannot always be dark

The dark days cannot last forever. Life continues, and our world does not stop because of bad times. I always think back to the times when I was at my lowest, and thought that nothing good would ever happen. 

But then it did. Noticing change takes time, and some more time after that for you to actually see the results. 

The darkness cannot stay forever, one way or another it has to end. The uncertainty of it all is what gets me. It is hard and worrisome to not know what is coming my way. How can I plan what’s next? 

The bad times are reminders to look out for the happiness all around you. Now I don’t mean look for happiness, but notice what causes that little spark in you. What causes excitement or happiness that’s small and easy to obtain? 

I always go to my top three things when I am running low on my positivity: taking a walk, getting a $1 soda from McDonalds, or watching my favorite TV series again. 

Something that is comfortable and familiar can give more stability in times of change and uncertainty. 

The sun will never stop rising and setting. Everything will come in due time.

You have happiness headed your way

Keep your positivity because one day, your nightmare will end, and you will not be in fear. The rain may seem never-ending, but I promise it has a stopping point.

Unfortunately, I thought the rain had stopped from the battle with the narcissist in my life. But sadly, my battle has started up again. I will continue to move through this obstacle in hopes that I may share my truth one day.

But until then, I need to help support my own positivity. By taking care of myself, my cats, and my plants, I’ll be one step closer to the end of this rough patch. 



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