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Exploring the present and future prospects of narcissism research.



Narcissism is a rapidly growing topic throughout the internet. People want to know what a narcissist is and what the signs are. Narcissism is not only linked to narcissistic personality disorder but it is also tied to personality traits.

Narcissism itself is something that we all possess. It's not inappropriate to think about yourself, your wants, and your desires. But when narcissism branches out to the point of being destructing and all-consuming, it becomes a whole new world.

Through all of this, narcissism can be studied and understood from various points. From family and friends close to a narcissist, or even the narcissist themselves can give insight into how extreme narcissism impacts daily life.


The prevalence of narcissism is not as significant as some might think. I've discussed the prevalence of narcissism in-depth, but I want to dive a little further into that. The prevalence from a research level begs to answer how narcissism research can be expanded to better understand narcissism.

The various facets of personality are vast and expansive. Our personality is made up of so many different parts. So, in order to understand narcissism, we have to understand personality.

In fact, personality is not something that can be understood from a small blurb in an article. Personality traits vs. narcissistic personality disorders come with their own distinctions.

Researchers have to dive in and explore the various avenues of personality to help understand narcissism its core.

How can narcissism be researched?

Currently, there are many different universities and private organizations conducting research on narcissism. Studies conducted on narcissism are entirely different from what some might think.

I used to work in neuropsychology as a psychometrist, meaning I administered a lot of these personality tests. I cannot go into what the test looks like to preserve test confidentiality or how many questions are there. What I can say is that that the tests are expansive and all-encompassing.

Narcissism research can typically be done using personality measures. Personality measures break down the personality into domains and subgroups to best understand what clusters of behavior someone has. The behavior can be explained through the level of selfishness, greediness, outlook on life, and so on. The personality measures are administered either via a computer or pencil and paper task.

Researchers can see a breakdown of how people's personalities are structured from these personality measures. In fact, the results yielded from the personality measures can give detailed results about someone's unique personality.

Future research

Research is ever developing. With the rising interest in narcissism, research opportunities can continue to grow. With the rising understanding among the populations, more people will know what narcissism is and how to spot it.

The more people understand and recognize the behaviors of extreme narcisissm, the more it can be well understood. Hopefully, we can study the long-term effects of narcissism on family and the person living with it.

Exploring narcissistic personality traits and what that can mean for others is where research may be headed.



Narcissism and research has a vast amount of possibility. Researching the interpersonal relationships of a narcissist's inner circle can help us to better understand the effects this behavior can have on someone.



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