The Best Backpacking Spork

I found this product at Walmart while I was supplying for a recent trip. I was intrigued by its design and decided to give it a try. This UCO Switch Spork is very handy and light and I really like it. In this video, I am lightly comparing it to my Morspel Spork that I got off of Kickstarter. The thing I like about the UCO is the ability to break it down into a smaller footprint in my backpack. Don't get me wrong I still like the Morsel, but there are some advantages to this spork that the Morsel does not have. Measurements: 7 inches nested, 10.3 inches extended Weighs: 0.9 oz or 27 grams Includes 1 reusable tether, 1 fork, and 1 spoon/knife combination utensil. Made from ultra-durable food-grade BPA-free glass-filled nylon. Use the spoon and fork separately or connect them together end to end for extra length. Here is an Amazon Affiliate Link to the Spork:

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