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The top 10 Highest Rated Yelp-rated restaurants in Wichita Falls for 2022


Here in Wichita Falls, there are a lot of excellent dining options. There are so many options that choosing where to go when your stomach is growling might be challenging. So, to reduce the options, here is a list of the top ten Yelp-rated eateries in Wichita Falls.

1. Gutierrez Restaurant

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If you want to eat delicious, real Mexican food, head to Gutierrez. Some of the biggest and greatest burritos in town may be found there.

2. Willie's Place


Here's one more of my personal favorites. Outstanding barbeque and an imaginative burger menu are trademarks of Willie's Place. At lunchtime, this location might get crowded, making it challenging to get a seat. Take advantage of the outside choices on a sunny day. On certain hot days, you'll get burned by more than just Willie's sizzling burgers, so use caution.

3. The Duck Coffee Company

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The Duck not only serves some of the greatest coffee in town but they are also known for its street-style crepes and Italian gelato.

4. El Chaton


Excellent authentic Mexican cuisine and outstanding service are hallmarks of El Chaton.

5. Hibiscus Cafe


In Wichita Falls, Hibiscus Cafe is regarded as one of the best-kept secrets. The next time you want Greek or Mediterranean food, go there.

6. Pelicans


Pelican's, one of my personal favorites in the area, is the go-to spot for top-notch steaks and seafood and is ideal for a romantic night.

7. 8th Street Coffee House

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The menu at this coffee shop includes a large selection of drinks in addition to breakfast and lunch options.

8. Half Pint Taproom


Half Pint Taproom, which is in the heart of Wichita Falls' historic downtown, offers a wide variety of specialty beers, drinks, and pizza made in a real Neapolitan brick oven.

9. Kebobs and Gyros


Do you feel like some Greek food? Visit Gyros & Kebobs to satisfy your craving.

10. Progress & Provisions Craft Kitchen


Progress & Provisions, tucked away in the Hamilton Building downtown, is renowned for its cutting-edge menu. Additionally, Wichita Falls Brewing on Indiana Avenue houses a pizza kitchen.

Backporch Drafthouse


This is one of my favorite patios in Wichita Falls, Texas. mostly because of that nearby fountain. One of the spots I visit a few times a year and never regret going to is Backporch. I should utilize that patio more frequently.

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