How To Build An Enriching and Stress-Free Lifestyle in The New Year

Tessa Koller

It dawned on me on New Year's Eve when I was hunched over in unbearable stomach pains that we are on year three of the Coronavirus pandemic. This thought crossed my mind and I had to immediately shun it away.

For several weeks now, I've been quarantining while evaluating what my crashing immune system is doing and hoping that by some miracle it naturally increases on its own. Long-haul Covid has utterly drained my energy but when I do have energy and motivation, I take advantage and make the most of it.

I haven't left my home since August and while I do miss being out with friends and family, I've found ways to build an enriching and stress-free lifestyle from the comfort of my home.

Every day, I've been cooking my own food and doing what I can to keep my mind and body engaged in healthy activities. Not being able to go out in public hasn't been as challenging, this time around, as I thought it would be.

Now that it's already 2022, you've probably been asking yourself how you can build a more enriching and stress-free lifestyle in this new year. If you must be home a lot because of health reasons, there are so many habits, hobbies, and lifestyle changes you can make and get started immediately.

On Building a Stress-Free Lifestyle

First, I should mention that watching the news every day isn't going to help reduce stress. While I want to be in the know of what's happening globally, nationally, and locally, I don't want to bombard myself with all kinds of news and daunting information about Covid's new variants.

Every afternoon, I devote only twenty or thirty minutes to reliable and accurate news in select resources online. Essentially, it's wise to limit how much you're consuming as being obsessive over trending news can (and will) exacerbate your stress. Consider blocking out a small amount of time a day to stay informed and go about other business and obligations.

Try adopting habits that promote calmness and ease. For instance, when you do house chores, do them to their fullest completion before moving on to other activities. Carve out one day a week to tackle laundry and do thorough cleans of your home. For me, this day is Saturday. During the week, I don't have the time or patience to fold laundry I should've folded the previous weekend.

Every evening after dinner, for twenty minutes, I thoroughly clean my kitchen, ensuring the sink, countertops and stove are spotless and sparkling before I clock out. A clean environment is a great way to greet your morning. Cleanliness inspires productivity while a decluttered environment enhances motivation.

Journaling is another activity you can easily implement in your morning or evening routines. Brain dumping is a form of mental cleansing that will affect every aspect of your health, mentally and physically. A clear mind is as revitalizing as a clear environment, thus allowing more space for you to do all the things you're passionate about.

On Building An Enriching Lifestyle

Being at home a lot gives you more time to focus on those hobbies or new hobbies you've been meaning to start. Recent studies are showing that creativity naturally boosts serotonin and other feel-good chemicals in the brain. If you're home on a regular basis, engaging your hands with some kind of creative project will greatly benefit your mental health. Those who are prone to depressive symptoms may find that art is just one effective way to remedy issues including negative thoughts or down-spiraling behaviors.

In this New Year, consider adding more meaning to your daily life by sharing your hobbies with others on the internet. By building online communities, you're enriching the minds and brains of others who are viewing your creations.

To achieve the goals you've set out to accomplish in 2022, keep your eye on the prize by doing the things that bring you the most peace and joy. Add activities to your daily life that exercises your mind, brain, and body and reap those feel-good benefits. Taking actionable steps is the only way to get you closer to achieving your goals and sticking to your New Year's resolutions.

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