5 Questions to Ask Yourself If You Want To Succeed In Your Life

Tessa Koller

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With the New Year fast approaching, you're probably spinning your wheels about resolutions and achieving magnificent goals. You might be doing all kinds of visualizing and maybe mapping out your next moves.

This is also that time of year when you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to gain traction in your career and make all the hard work you're doing pay off. You want to not only change but see change happening before your eyes. Somewhere down the line, an unforeseen dilemma stops you in your tracks.

The reason I don't make resolutions is that they always seem too unrealistic. Quitting a habit cold turkey never yields the success you deserve. Rather, you wind up getting frustrated or slack off somewhere into the new year.

Science now shows that it's much harder to give things up than it is to add things. Recently, I asked myself why the New Year always has to be about giving something up as opposed to the opposite. If you make your goals a positive force, you'll be more likely to reap those benefits.

I don't know about you but I want more from life. I want more opportunities and chances to change my life and hopefully others in the process. Sometimes, putting yourself out there can make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. I read an article a while ago about the anxiety content creators may face in the process of sharing their craft with the world.

I dealt with this anxiety for years though I've been creating content for years. It's the sharing part that I still struggle with, regardless of how many times I've pressed the post or publish button. You may not have realized this yet, but you could be allowing unnecessary fears to stand in your way from getting to where you want to be. I can't stress enough how important it is to address and identify these fears.

After I reflected on this last year, I realized I've accomplished every goal I've set. This became possible because I didn't make this transition about giving something up.

Though I accomplished all my goals, I still wasn't totally satisfied with my reach and didn't know how to tackle this problem. It wasn't until I spoke with an expert in my field when I realized exactly what I needed to do to propel myself forward.

During this eye-opening phone conversation, this individual asked me questions that I needed to ask myself and haven't yet.

If you're a content creator and are looking to take your work to the next level, consider asking yourself these five game-changing questions.

1. Am I really happy with where my career is at?

The answer to this question will be different for everybody but it can give you insights on how to proceed. If you answered no to this question, it's time to start investigating and exploring ways you can reach new heights.

2. Am I just going through the motions and if so, how is this serving me?

While you might enjoy your work, over time, repetition can become mechanical. You'll feel more like a machine instead of a human being creating meaningful and valuable content. If this sounds like something you've been dealing with, try changing things up where and when you're able. Find ways to make your work more exciting.

3. What is holding me back from reaching my potential?

We've all got something holding us back, but this doesn't have to discourage you. Address the big fork in your road, or pitchfork, whatever it may be, and explore all of its pathways. For instance, try doing something different or learning a new skill, even if you just start a new hobby. Do something that expands your brain and mind.

4. What is causing me so much anxiety about becoming successful?

This mindset shift I had in the last couple of days illuminated a fact that I had overlooked. I was always so worried about what others thought of me, the work I produced, and if it was well done. I've stopped caring about what others think or how they could be analyzing my actions. Every time I did anything, it was with this lingering fear of wondering who and how many people were going to criticize or judge me. Journaling and talking with other creators helped me overcome this irrational fear.

5. What is it about success or achieving my dreams that scares me so much?

Fear is common among all content creators or anybody who has put themselves out there. Success doesn't have to be considered terrifying or wonderful. Instead, success, I think, means that you are truly happy doing what you're doing and it fulfills you. Loving what you do for a living contributes to good mental health and it's important to strive for that.

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