11 Things To Let Go Of In 2022 For Success and Better Health

Tessa Koller

The New Year is fast approaching, and I'm always dumbstruck by how quickly time flies. This time of year, I can't help but find myself reflecting when I'm not chasing the clock. There are so many things I'll be letting go of in 2022 so I can move forward and stop holding myself back.

Since I have been changing the way I do my meditations, I've witnessed a drastic change in my mental, physical and emotional health. Deep breathing intervenes in negative thinking while also rewiring the brain and mind. If you struggle with depression and anxiety, this wellness practice will work wonders.

Wellness is important to me and it's something I strive for on a daily basis. Success, for me, is knowing I'm feeling good, being productive, and accomplishing a lot. Every morning, I set goals for that day and then tackle them while ensuring that I'm enjoying the work I'm doing. I love nothing more than getting caught up in the mesmerizing crafts of art and writing.

This last year, however, I've found myself in constant battles with my health. Whether you have health issues or not, you might've found yourself in some battles and conflicts that have repelled you from getting to where you want to be.

Without further ado, here are the 11 things you may want to consider letting go of in 2022.

1. Self-hate

For the longest time, I hated parts of myself; from my heart disease to lung disease to a genetic disorder that wreaks havoc on my life. Recently, I had this mindset shift and it changed me in every single way. I've stopped hating these parts of myself and started showing them care and love. It dawned on me that adversity is something to be grateful for. You can't have healthy relationships when you're hating aspects of your being.

2. Undeserving People

By undeserving people, I mean the ones who think they own your time and energy. I'm talking about those individuals in your life who think they have power over you. When they call, you drop everything and run to the phone. When they suddenly appear, you wind up walking on eggshells for them. The worst is that these people can't even meet you halfway by calling or texting you back. If someone can't even do something simple and give back, throw in the towel on them.

3. Not trusting yourself

If you are a creator, then you know how difficult it can be to trust yourself. Detail-oriented individuals have in common nonsense fears of messing up or making costly mistakes. You want perfection all the time but that's not logical. Striving for perfection exacerbates stress and kills the enjoyment of your working process. You stop trusting yourself and, in turn, you're setting yourself up to fail.

4. Self-doubt

Every single person, no matter how successful or great, has experienced moments of self-doubt. It's common amongst anybody who has created, built, or repaired anything. We want to please everyone else forgetting about ourselves. You might've allowed self-doubt to cause self-sabotage, you know that ripple effect? Self-doubt doesn't need to be in your equation, so try believing in your abilities and capabilities more.

5. The need to overwork

Like me, you may be guilty of working too much and not slowing down. Overworking leads to exhaustion which leads to burnout. Instead of spiraling into those overworking cycles, take more breaks and go for a walk. Consume things or projects in small doses and block your time.

6. Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are often unrealistic, untrue, and are devoid of logic. Negative thinking can, eventually, lead to tragic consequences. There isn't a sliver of truth in these automatic thoughts. They appear at times when you've experienced a letdown or disappointment. They are cyclic and don't serve you in the slightest.

7. Self-Sabotage

I know I touched on this previously, but self-sabotage is more of a common problem than you think. You may not even realize you're doing it. This is why reflection is important; it sheds new light on why we sabotage ourselves at the onset of an opportunity or success. I've often done this out of fear and it took some journaling to realize that I had nothing to be afraid of.

8. Saying yes to everything

Wisdom comes from knowing what's worth saying yes to. Family and friends want to ask a lot from us and it's all right to say no to most things.

9. Self-limiting habits

Habits aren't only categorized as good or bad. The things we repeatedly do could also be limiting us and preventing us from moving forward. An example would be staying in your comfort zone or not trying anything new. Maybe use this New Year to do something out of the ordinary and branch out.

10. Mistakes of the past

We are all human and humans screw up. Sometimes, people can act impulsively out of fear or anxiety or for whatever reasons. Dwelling over mistakes of our past is pointless and leads nowhere. Once you acknowledge that you've messed up, then move on and do better next time.

11. Putting too much pressure on yourself

This is something that I remind myself of every day. It's normal to have unrealistic expectations and put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do something impactful and big to get ahead in life. I've learned that things take time to grow and build, which goes for success. Putting unnecessary pressure on yourself isn't being patient and making the most of the time you have.

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