Is The Internet Making Us Stupid?

Terry Mansfield

The Internet has drastically changed our lives. Its ability to give us instant access to any information we want has made us more intelligent in some ways. However, there is a growing concern that the Internet may make us dumber.
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One concern is that the Internet is providing us with too much information. We often need help deciding which sources to trust when so much information is available. We can spend more time browsing the Internet than reading books or learning from real-life experiences.

Another concern is that the Internet is making us more reliant on technology. Today's world is increasingly dependent on the Internet for basic tasks such as booking flights and hotels or finding a job. This reliance can be dangerous, as it can leave us feeling lost and helpless when we don't have access to the Internet.

Ultimately, it is up to us to decide whether the Internet is making us smarter or dumber. We need to be careful not to rely too heavily on the Internet and ensure we are using it for the right reasons.

People have drastically changed their access to information due to the Internet. With a simple click of a button, people can access unlimited data. And while some people may argue that this makes people more intelligent, others say it has the opposite effect.

There is a widespread belief that the Internet has made people dumber because it has created a generation addicted to instant gratification. Instead of taking the time to learn something the traditional way, people now rely on Google to give them the answer to everything. As a result, humans are increasingly dependent on technology and less and less on their brains.

Others argue that the Internet has not made people dumber but has given people the ability to find information more easily. They say that just because people can find information more efficiently, it doesn't mean they are using their brains any less.

So who is right? Has the Internet made us dumber or more intelligent? The answer is it depends. How you use the Internet and how much you rely on it determine how much you depend on it. If you use the Internet to learn new things and to expand your knowledge, then it makes you more intelligent. But if you are using the Internet to avoid thinking for yourself and find the answers to everything, it makes you dumber.


While it is evident that the Internet has profoundly impacted our lives, the question remains whether it has made us stupid. Some argue that the Internet has made us more knowledgeable and connected, while others believe it has made us lazy and reliant on technology. The Internet may or may not have made us stupid, but one thing is sure – it has changed how we live.


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