Nebraska's Most Dangerous Cities

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Nebraska has many safe cities and towns. However, some are dangerous. We'll take a look at those.


This article will examine Nebraska's most dangerous cities. Our research used the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Statistics (UCR) reports on Violent Crime and Property Crime.

The UCR subdivides its major categories into Murder, Rape, Robbery, Assault, Burglary, Theft, and Vehicle Theft. The UCR has now implemented the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), which provides detailed, incident-based data.

In addition to the UCR, we utilized other sources to develop our list of Nebraska's most dangerous cities with the highest violent and property crime rates.

The Most Dangerous Cities in Nebraska

1. North Platte

2. Omaha

3. Scottsbluff

4. Grand Island

5. South Sioux City

6. Crete

7. Kearney

8. Nebraska City

9. Sidney

10. Beatrice

Why These Cities Are Dangerous


One of the leading causes of a city's danger is poverty. It is more likely that people struggling to make ends meet may turn to crime to survive. A cycle of poverty and crime can result.


Crime rates increase directly as a result of poverty. Living in these cities is dangerous due to their high crime rates.

Lack of resources

Residents of these cities lack access to resources, which makes them dangerous. Among these are a good education and healthcare system, safe housing, and a good job market. It is more likely that people will turn to crime when they don't have these basic needs met. Nebraska's most dangerous cities also have poor access to resources. If there are no resources, poverty and crime increase, making it difficult to improve one's situation.

Best Ways To Make These Cities Safer

Increased investment

Investment is the first step to improving safety in dangerous cities. Businesses can move into the city by offering tax incentives, increasing funding for city services, and improving infrastructure.

Investing in the area will increase employment opportunities and lower crime rates for residents. New residents and businesses are also attracted to the city due to it.

Improved education and resources

Education and resources are other important ways to improve safety in dangerous cities. It is possible to improve education and after-school programs. Also, social services can be improved, as well as job training and employment assistance.

It will significantly lower crime rates if residents have access to quality education and stable employment. Addressing poverty and mental illness as root causes of crime is possible by increasing healthcare and social services.

Greater community involvement

The community can also improve the safety of dangerous cities by becoming more involved. Volunteer programs, neighborhood watch programs, and community policing can all help to accomplish this.

Getting residents involved in making their neighborhoods safer places to live will help create a sense of ownership and pride in the community. It will also empower residents to take an active role in keeping their neighborhoods safe from crime.


In this article, we've listed the most dangerous cities in Nebraska. These cities are hazardous because of poverty, crime, and lack of resources. Improving safety in these cities requires increased investment, improved education and resources, and greater community involvement.


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