Are You Prepared For A Hurricane?

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You should prepare for a hurricane before it hits land
Devastation from Hurricane Charley.Image by WikiImages/Pixabay

Hurricanes are an intense and destructive form of weather. They're formed in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea and can range in severity from tropical storms to devastating hurricanes. When a hurricane approaches land, people should take shelter in a safe place away from the danger zone. Hurricanes cause millions of dollars in damage every year and many deaths worldwide. Luckily, people have learned how to prepare for these dangerous weather conditions.

Hurricanes are a dangerous and life-threatening form of severe weather caused by an area of warm water moving towards land and creating strong wind currents and waves. When the areas of warm water combine with air from the earth, condensation occurs. This causes rain and wind to form into a storm. After a long preparation period, scientists can successfully create a plan to handle hurricanes. For instance, communities can evacuate civilians before a dangerous storm hits their areas. Food, water, and shelter must be ready for anyone who evacuates during an emergency.

It would be best to always prepare for a hurricane before it hits land. First, you must ensure your home is ready for an unexpected situation. You should have prepared food, water, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a radio, and extra batteries. Also, you should put your car in neutral so it won't damage itself during an unexpected situation. After that, wait for the safest time to act--during the daytime when visibility is best, and you're less likely to panic or injure yourself during evacuation.

Hurricanes can be very dangerous for pets as well as people. Even wind can kill your animals if they aren't taken care of during an evacuation. People should also watch out for animals when evacuating their homes during a hurricane. Storms can cause animals to get lost or scared and end up in people's backyards or near their homes. You should watch out for any animals that might be shaken by the storm and try to calm them down so they don't become frightened or lost during an evacuation.

Even though hurricanes are scary, people have learned how to prepare for them over time. Now that scientists have successfully created plans to handle these dangerous weather phenomena, we're much safer than ever. Everyone should follow these preparation guidelines to be ready for a hurricane.

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