The Ability To Be Consistent Helps You Balance Life

Terri Kozlowski
The more consistent you are in taking the right action, the more successful you will be. Ten ways to be more consistent and balanced.~ Terri Kozlowski

Living a balanced lifestyle comes by being consistent with healthy habits, positive routines, and regular reviews of your life. How you structure your self-care, maintain your health, and are harmonious with others is based on your ability to review your life patterns consistently.

When you are looking at altering your life for the better, it involves looking at every aspect. For you to live a balanced life, you need to be healthy in mind, body, and soul. Don’t let the egoic mind instill fear and think it's too overwhelming. Developing consistent patterns of behavior is simply doing those things that light you up.

In what ways do you enjoy moving your body? What are the foods that nourish your physical being and energize you? How much sleep does your body need to feel refreshed? In what ways do you nurture yourself? What habits in your life help create balance? Are there routines you do mindlessly that you could improve, so you are mindful and efficient?

You already have patterns, habits, and routines in place. All you may need to do is improve your consistency in the positive areas and focus on better quality in those matters you want to develop. Through this process, a healthy, balanced lifestyle emerges.

It's not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It's what we do consistently.

~ Tony Robbins

Consistently Listen To Your Soulful Self

To know what your mind, body, and soul need, you must learn to listen. When you hear your body craving a chip, understand it’s probably the ego wanting to make you feel better. So you have to learn to discern between the egoic voice and the soulful self.

If your body is craving carbs, you need to understand why. Are you tired, thirsty, or hungry? Are you feeling irritated, anxious, or bored? Most people don’t attribute these moods to dietary deficiencies. See, when your ego feels anything negative, it wants to make you feel better. So it’s going to encourage the chips or cookies, but what your body needs is a balanced meal, water, or rest.

Your mind wants input. But the ego is lazy. That’s why you’re interested in taking up jewelry making and keep looking at the online class, but your ego stops you from signing up. Or you get invited to go out with friends and are excited about the event, but the ego stops you from saying yes. Nevertheless, your soulful self wants to grow, develop, and make authentic connections with others.

Remember that the ego screams and the soul whispers. So for you to hear the desires of your heart, you need to get quiet. In the silence, you’ll discover your confidence, inner strength, and your authenticity. In silence, you discover your power.

You cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself. ~ Zig Ziglar

How Being Consistent Leads To Balance

There are many significant challenges in life in which perseverance pays dividends. You can gradually conquer them if you can take deliberate action steps. These slight movements bolster your sense of inner strength and improve how you handle your current circumstances, whatever they may be.

Instead of trying to make enormous changes, it's about creating incremental, consistent adjustments and improvements. Consistency prevents you from self-destructing. You maintain a steady pace that gets you to the finish line instead of sprinting out of the gate quickly and losing steam later.

In life, it's crucial to maintain consistency in everything. It keeps you moving forward and aids in your accomplishments. Many people struggle with being consistent. However, there are a few simple techniques that can improve your consistency, output, and effectiveness. Simply changing your mentality and forming good habits will do the trick.

Do it again and again. Consistency makes the raindrops create holes in the rock. Whatever is difficult can be done easily with regular attendance, attention, and action.

~ Israelmore Ayivor

Ways To Be More Consistent

Here are ten ways to be more consistent in your life and create balance.

1. Check in with yourself.

This step is about understanding who you are and what you desire. It is a daily practice each morning during your grounding ritual. As you get quiet, you learn to hear your soulful self and see what it’s telling you each day. What do your mind, body, and soul need today? During this time, you align with Spirit, put yourself in a positive mindset, and allow your authenticity to shine.

Then, throughout the day, take a few minutes and see how you’re doing. Are you still in a positive place, or does your body need to move? Also ask why you’re feeling a certain emotion, irritation, anxiety, or relief. Review what’s working for you and what isn’t.

2. Assess your priorities daily.

Each day brings on new feelings based on your physical body. Hence, the need to review what’s the priority for this day may have changed since yesterday. You have high standards and to stay on track to reach the goals; you need to move forward consistently. But that doesn’t mean the priorities of each day don’t change.

Your external environment and your inner self may require you to alter plans. Therefore, be flexible with your schedule, your priorities, and your workload. Also, remember that what worked last week may no longer be the best way to move forward. Flexibility is the underlying key to helping you determine your priorities.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals. ~ Jim Rohn

3. Pay attention to timing.

Here I am referring to what time of the day is best for you to accomplish the items you want to complete. If you are a morning person, then use that time to focus on those things that need more attention. Does your body feel better after you exercise in the afternoon instead of in the evening?

See, I know that doing any accounting late in the day may cause errors as I do my best math in the mornings. Knowing these things about yourself allows you to have a better flow to your day, where you get more accomplished when you are at your peak performance for certain activities.

4. Consistently Evaluate your habits and routines.

Your habits and routines are paramount to your success in achieving your goals. Why? Because what you do consistently, whether positive or negative, will continue to occur. Consequently, you need to look at what routines and habits are helping or hindering your progress. This is where awareness comes into play.

If a habit or routine is hindering, then replace it with one that is more aligned with your goals. Whatever your routine is, it has to support what you desire to achieve. The structure of your life, through habits and routines, is to provide balance to your healthy lifestyle. But, don’t become too rigid. You need to be flexible with your schedule based on external factors.

What I do every day matters more than what I do once in a while. ~ Gretchen Rubin

5. Persistence when things go wrong.

Take a deep breath when you realize you’ve taken a misstep. No one makes the right choices every time. Instead, be kind to yourself and try another way tomorrow. Being able to pivot when needed shows your resiliency and allows for growth.

Not everything you do will work out as you have planned. Although the ego may tell you to give up, don’t listen. Instead, learn from what went awry. When you understand your missteps, it allows you to develop your skill set so you don’t repeat that choice.

6. Consistent forward momentum.

Progress happens when you take deliberate action each day. Some days you make take great leaps forward, other days only a tiny step. Either is moving you in the right direction.

Doing a little each day allows you to see progress and still maintain a balanced life. Remember, balance means that you not only consistently move forward, but you are also less stressed, healthy, and rested.

Consistency is an under-appreciated inspirational quality. It's that ability to conduct yourself in a consistent, reliable manner that others will respect and appreciate. ~ Del Suggs

7. Be open to change.

As you live your life and you are consistently making forward progress, gauge if you need to pivot. Many people plow forward without ever assessing if the goal is still the same or if it’s changed a bit based on their personal growth or life event. Being consistent means knowing what to be consistent about.

Everything in life is constantly changing. Let go of rigidness and instead be flexible with the goals you want in life. When you change and grow, so should your goals. You want what you are trying to attain to align with your authenticity so you are joyful in doing the work to attain your dream. Therefore, use your adaptability to adjust your goal as often as you need to. It’s your life. You can change your mind along the journey.

8. Consistently check your mindset.

Your mindset places a key role in your attitude and how you approach the surrounding circumstances. If you aren’t physically feeling your best or have a negative mindset, alter your plans to better fit with how you feel.

For example, if you are feeling irritated, then reading or researching may not be something you can do to the best of your ability. Maybe a walk or a workout would let out the frustration. Then you can go back to the reading. Again, consistently checking in with yourself is vital to moving things forward while staying stress-free and balanced.

An intelligent consistency is the foundation of genius. ~ Chris Matakas

9. Be kind to yourself.

Your internal dialogue is vital to your overall success in life. You are listening to the lies of the ego and therefore struggling against what is, or you are hearing the soulful whispers of your heart and thriving. The choice is yours.

You need to encourage yourself as you move through life. Stay positive and pivot as needed. Remember, your soul inspires you and therefore you are excited to work towards your goals.

10. Get the support of your tribe.

Your trusted tribe are the people who will encourage you when you are struggling. They are there to give you perspective, help, and their ear to listen. Whether you need to vent, get advice, or see things differently, they are the people who are supportive and loving to you and your goals.

They will remind you to seek balance, speak the hard truth with kindness, and challenge you to keep moving forward. Even when they disagree with your perception, they do so in a way that makes you think. Your tribe will help you get the results you desire.

Being persistent may lead you to the door, but consistency is the key that unlocks it. ~Kenny Dasinger

Consistently Moving Forward

I just bought my planner for next year. It has this statement on the cover:

Edit your life frequently, ruthlessly, it’s your masterpiece after all!

It’s a bold statement that I fell in love with because it’s true. Your life is the monument you build. It’s the legacy of your dreams which you leave for your family.

But to get to your goal, to live your best life, means you need to be consistent in your thoughts, habits, and routines so that you can live a balanced lifestyle as you continue to move forward.

The strategy to consistency lies in two things: a positive mindset and taking the right action each day. When you pair these together, you’re unstoppable. The structure of your life with consistent action leads to a balanced, happy you.

I accumulated small but consistent habits that ultimately led to results that were unimaginable when I started. ~ James Clear.

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