Being Bold To Take Action Towards Your Dreams Is Authentic Living

Terri Kozlowski
~ Terri Kozlowski

What does living boldly mean? What I think this means is that you are living on purpose, which implies you are intentional about your choices and actions. It’s also about creatively living life fully, where you feel contentment with the progression you are making. You show your inner courage when you take bold actions and push through any fear you’re feeling and move forward toward your dreams.

Thriving comes from living boldly. In order to accomplish this, you must shift your awareness. Leave your old habits behind. Let go of attachments and those mindsets that no longer serve you. There needs to be forgiveness, so there is a release of the past and how you may have wanted an outcome. To live boldly and be assertive, you must become your authentic self, which is the only way to attain something different from what you currently have.

Transcendence is involved with living boldly. Why? Because you must rise above where your egoic mind lives to solve problems, improve relationships by responding with love, and be authentic in all situations. Again, mindfulness is the key, since you have to be aware and gain clarity in order to see a new perspective and alter the circumstances.

You have been gaining self-confidence and recognizing that you are worthy just as you are. But sometimes you get stuck in old patterns of behaviors that keep you from thriving. Living boldly is how you make the change to no longer live from a place of fear.

Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Six Steps to Living Boldly

You have the opportunity every day to live a bold life by consciously choosing to do so. When you are aware, the Universe offers you an invitation to find the answers you are looking for and make a change to improve your life. Here are six ways to live a bold life so you can be a testimony to authenticity and thrive.

Step One–Have No Regrets

Ah, regrets, everyone has had them. It only occurs when you don’t take bold action. Therefore, regrets occur when the egoic mind is allowed to look at the past and think it could have been different. But to live boldly, you need to only look backward for one reason: to remember. You want to recollect wonderful memories and lessons learned.

If you look back and have regrets, then you need to evaluate why you reacted to life the way you did. Why didn’t you have clarity? What factors, or fears, kept you from making a better choice? Once you have analyzed a bit, don’t allow the ego to enumerate, then determine the lesson you are to learn. Finding the lesson from past situations is how you overcome feeling any regrets.

Moving forward so you have no other regrets, means you are in flow with the Universe. You aren’t struggling against what is. You are following the whispers of your heart. The actions you take are purposeful and in alignment with your truth. This is the responsibility you take on to live boldly. To no longer make excuses or blame others for where and how your life is going. You no longer allow the ego to have you feel victimized by life, but you take charge and choose to live a life of victory.

Boldness is a mental attitude, a liberating force. It is a way of interacting with the world. ~ Susan Mitchell

Step Two-Take Intentional Bold Actions

When you are purposeful with the actions you take, means you are responding to the circumstances from a place of love instead of reacting to them from a place of fear. Your intentions are inspired if you allow yourself time to connect consciously to your inner wisdom before taking any actions. Taking inspirational steps allows everything to unfold according to the Universe’s plan and you won’t have any regrets.

Remember, regrets are only thoughts the egoic mind uses to keep you from moving in the right direction, forward. Many of the disappointments you may have resulted from doing what others wanted you to do instead of what you knew you should do. So don’t allow others to hold the key to your happiness and instead take intentional actions by following your heart.

Living boldly by taking intentional actions shows you are aligned with your why, your passion. It’s the underlying inspiration that is purposeful by being tied to your ideals. It also means you are living in the present moment, in the now. Because only in the present can one alter the future. But making plans doesn’t mean you are creating change because it’s the intentional actions, not the planning, that allows your life to unfold in boldness. In the now is where you feel peace, joy, and live.

Boldness is taking action to do the right thing, despite fear and discomfort. It isn't about being obnoxious, slick, or manipulative. ~ Jeff Shore

Step Three–Deal with Unresolved Wounds

Everyone has emotional pain that hasn’t healed. Time scars these injuries and lessens the discomfort, but reliving the upsets reinforces the experience with the egoic mind. You then cling to these negative moments instead of processing them so you can heal.

Are you avoiding the healing process because it’s uncomfortable? Are you even aware of it, or is it hiding behind a mask or defense mechanism? The messy middle is where you become aware that what you’re currently doing is no longer beneficial for you. To move through this uncomfortable period, you need to stop struggling with wanting to change something you can’t, the past. Instead, accept that someone wounded you and it’s time to heal by finding a better way.

Pain is a powerful teacher because you see your inner strength underneath the hurt. You aren’t broken. The reason you feel fractured is because of the masks and armor you’ve put on, which now is keeping you from living boldly. But now you recognize you are a survivor and therefore you can forgive, transcend the pain, and allow healing to occur.

To heal yourself, you need to reconnect with the inner wounded child. See the lesson your adult self is to glean. Then reframe the story you’ve been telling yourself to one that is more affirming for your current life.

Take risks, be bold, and let your genius convert your fear into power and brilliance. ~ Robert Kiyosaki

Step Four–Transform into Your Authentic Self

The reinvention of yourself is the ability to love your authenticity. Accepting yourself, your strengths, and your weaknesses is the first step toward loving yourself. When you are honoring your emotions, your passions, and your truths, you transform. Why? Because healing your pain allows your authenticity to emerge.

When you live authentically, you are free. The freedom everyone seeks is really about your ability to live your life authentically, without concerns about how others see you. Through the authentic connections you make, your healing occurs because, through love, restoration ensues.

You’re not to judge. If you do, you cannot be free from the painful past if you attach yourself by judging who harmed you or yourself. You are instead to reconcile the pain by integrating the knowledge you have learned.

For example, my childhood trauma was devastating. But for me to thrive, I had to incorporate that experience as a part of my being. I did this by seeing my inner strength as a survivor and taking responsibility for how I moved forward with my life. And you can do the same.

All are bold because they have an unshakable belief in what they stand for and let their actions follow their beliefs. ~ Shaun Smith

Step Five-Boldness Means Being Vulnerable

It’s bold to show up in all areas of your life as your authentic self. And being your authentic self makes the ego think you are vulnerable and someone may take advantage of you. It may be true, but there are ways to mitigate the risk.

See, you were born vulnerable. But as you grew up, you were told that vulnerability was weakness. Or you were hurt and put-up defenses that don’t allow you to make authentic connections. So now it’s time to reframe how you perceive vulnerability so you strengthen your emotional well-being.

Being courageous and allowing others to see your true self is what being vulnerable entails. By embracing your vulnerability, you gain insight into yourself and your relationships. Why? Because it involves healing your perception of your “brokenness” into understanding you’re already whole. You are just covering yourself up with the masks and armor you were using to hide your authentic self so you wouldn’t get hurt.

You need to reclaim your wholeness by integrating what you are hiding into your authentic self. You’re a masterpiece, yet you hide part of yourself, which dilutes the completeness of who you are. Through self-examination, you learn what areas need to be incorporated. This way, others can see your whole being, your soulful self.

Understand the ego won’t like this change because it thinks it needs to protect and defend you. But when you lean into your vulnerabilities, your true light shines from within for all to see.

Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self. ~ Queen Latifah

Step Six-Embrace Discomfort

You want to thrive, not just survive in your comfort zone. Therefore, to live boldly, you must embrace discomfort. Thriving means you are growing, not struggling to get through this day. It entails stepping into the unknown regularly so you can create the life you desire.

To take bold action means you recognize that changes need to be made, so the staleness and mediocrity of surviving diminishes while the excitement of purpose and thriving takes hold.

Any growth you go through means there is an ending and the beginning of something new. You need to embrace the completion. Sit with what the change means. Ponder the path you’ve walked. Celebrate who you have become because of your newfound perspective.

Being mindful and aware of your full experience serves as a reminder that you can move through the discomfort of the expansion process and come out the other side better than you could imagine.

Your personal development will continue to occur, whether you seek it out. Choose to embrace the growth process, even the uncomfortable parts. A little self-care, accepting what is, and a support system will help you move through the expansion.

You have the power. Be a hero. Be brave and be bold. Be your best you. ~ Elsie Olson

Boldly Moving Forward

The definition of boldness is "showing an ability to take risks; confident and courageous.” This frequently translates into standing up for what you believe in, despite other people’s opinions.

Living a life with meaning and purpose is what bold living entails. It is taking the plunge and diving headfirst into life by living fully by living your truth, doing your best, and being compassionate with others. It’s overcoming difficulties and learning to accept those which cannot be changed while refusing to let them force you into living a mediocre life.

Living boldly is living a successful, purposeful life to the fullest. So be courageous, move away from fearful living, and toward inspiring boldness within yourself. And enjoy the life you were born to live!

The doors will be opened to those who are bold enough to knock. ~ Tony Gaskins

As you become more conscious of living boldly, you can alter the course of your life.

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