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Terri Kozlowski

Are you having revelations about your life? Expand your insights of what they are and how they occur so you can have more epiphanies and gro~ Terri Kozlowski

When you have a sudden insight into something, it’s called a revelation, epiphany, or aha-moment. Whether it solves a problem, is a discovery, or an enlightening realization, these moments can be a defining point in your life. They can arise from an awe-inspiring sight, a personal time of reflection, or sharing with your tribe and utilizing their imaginations to gain an alternative perspective.

Sudden understanding may feel rare, but if you look back over your life, you’ll see the different times when revelation occurred. Those moments of intuition and inner knowing of your heart. In modern society, the egoic mind desires consistency, monotony, and similar encounters, so there is less risk-taking and adventure doesn’t happen. Therefore, having an aha-moment would disturb the ego.

These are usually emotional experiences because they resolve a psychological issue within you. Some inner turmoil you’ve been struggling with for a while suddenly becomes clear and peace rises from within you.

But the more conscious you are about being inflow with the Universe, the more likely you’ll have more epiphanies. See, you can expand your mind in a way that reframes how you think and they are called revelations. And these moments can empower you to change the trajectory of your life.

There's so much information on the internet. But people don't need more information. They need aha-moments; they need awareness, and they need things that actually shift and change them. ~ Jack Canfield

The Art Of Revelation

Before you have an epiphany, your subconscious mind has been experimenting with various scenarios and potential solutions for whatever needs explaining. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, to your egoic mind, the revelation comes forth. Now, your ego is unaware of this activity your soulful self has been working on. So when it tries to process logically the new insight, it doesn’t give proper credit to the soul for the aha-moment.

Keep in mind that your soul connects to the Universe and all of its wisdom. It’s like your own personal internet and your subconscious is searching for the answer in the Universal knowledge. So your soul knows the resolution is there, it just needs to find it.

To create more revelations for yourself, you must be open to the mysteries of life and be willing to implement the new information into your existence. You know, make the change for the better instead of continuing to live small like your ego desires. See, revelations only occur when you're ready for them.

You need to be fully present and mindful of the awe and wonder in your life. Feel your emotions instead of stuffing them. Turn off the screens and tune into your heart. Become completely aware and alive so you can fully comprehend what’s occurring.

Remember, your egoic mind doesn’t like change, so it will not want epiphanies to occur, even if it’s going to improve your life. Subsequently, are you ready for transformation or are you going to stay stuck?

All truth is given by revelation, either general or special, and it must be received by reason. Reason is the God-given means for discovering the truth that God discloses, whether in his world or his Word. While God wants to reach the heart with truth, he does not bypass the mind. ~ Jonathan Edwards

The Universal Connection

Although thought occurs in the brain, revelations occur in the heart. Epiphanies happen when the soul, your authentic being, is in alignment with the Universe. During this orientation, your ability to comprehend Universal truth is at its peak. According to Heartmath research, it passed more information to the brain from the heart than vice versa.

To be in alignment means your mind, body, and soul are sharing information. There is uniformity within you and you are open to receiving from the Universe. This can occur when you are silent during times of praying or meditating. Or when you are inflow with the Universe.

When you are experiencing a negative emotion, you are constricted. There is an inner conflict with your mind, body, and soul. Difficulty expressing yourself occurs and your perception is skewed. And unfortunately, you cut yourself off from the Universal Truth when you need it the most. Only when you can identify this feeling of incoherence within yourself, can you consciously reconnect with the Universe and its wisdom.

See, revelations occur within you, for you. The focus is inward, not outward, on what society is doing or what the egoic mind thinks needs to be done to conform. When you look outside yourself for the answers, you aren’t consulting with the most knowledgeable person, which is you. Don’t rely on what others think you should do. Instead, listen to your intuition, which is connected to Spirit.

An epiphany enables you to sense creation, not as something completed, but as constantly becoming, evolving, and ascending. This transports you from a place where there is nothing new to a place where there is nothing old, where everything renews itself, where heaven and earth rejoice as at the moment of creation. ~ Abraham Isaac Kook

Revelations Come Through Contemplation

Analytical thinking is conscious and logical. Insight, however, is done unconsciously, therefore, you cannot rush or force it. But it should be considered because of the connection to Universal Truth, consequently, the probability of a revelation being the best solution is high.

Since many people feel they have to do, they react instead of being still and contemplating a situation. Being is just that, meditating on the circumstances. Not feeding the egoic mind data and not struggling with what is, but accepting the conditions that are.

Take a deep breath to a count of five, hold for a count of five, and release for a count of five. When you do this three times, you have initiated your autotomic nervous system and have lowered your heart rate, and your body relaxes into just being.

Now that you are mindful, you can take in the different perspectives, outlooks, emotions, and information. Contemplate, meditate, pray, or journal your query and see what the Universe gives you now that you are open to receiving the download.

In the silence, you are avoiding distractions and are focusing on the infinite possibilities your egoic mind cannot fathom. And now you hear the soulful whispers of your heart. This process is the art of discernment.

Contemplation is a skill that improves with practice. You will appreciate the peace and joy that rises from within you, even if you don’t have a revelation.

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds. It will get you nowhere. Live by intuition and inspiration and let your whole life be Revelation. ~ Eileen Caddy

Moving Forward

Every day, you can have revelations about yourself and the world around you. As you learn to expand your understanding by transforming what you learn in silence into bold actions are you incorporating those epiphanies into the change needed.

Data informs your mind, but it's a revelation that creates change and ignites passion within your heart. When insight hits you and you recognize the resolutions, it’s magical.

The journey you take in life has many epiphanies. Don’t view them as coincidences. See the Universal Truth that Spirit connected you to the wisdom of the Universe. And it’s conspiring with you to move you forward towards your dreams.

But you must consciously take up the quest to have these transcendental moments. You must show your gratitude to the Universe for allowing you to encounter the aha-moments so you can alter your path for the better.

I think inspiration comes from day-to-day life. I think some things pique our interest - not necessarily aha-moments - but things that just make you raise your eyebrows. And those are often the moments that are the seeds of inspiration. Sometimes they're in a great conversation with friends, sometimes they're things you see live, something you read, a movie trailer you watch... I think inspiration is laid out there. One thing we have to practice is recognizing when it happens, and recording that moment so we can come back to it. ~ Phil Kay

As you become more mindful of the revelations you have, you can alter the course of your life.

Do you need help to see your connection to the Universe? Are you looking for support in transforming your epiphanies into bold action steps? Do you want a strategy to help you create an extraordinary life? If so, please get in touch with me, and we can put together an action plan for you to have more aha-moments and live authentically.

To learn about how I recognized the revelations in my life, like knowing my mother couldn’t take care of my sister, or that my childhood trauma wasn’t my fault, you can do so by reading my book, Raven Transcending Fear, available on Amazon or you can go to RavenTranscendingFear.com for more information.

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