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For most people, the 2020 end of year holiday season didn’t feel particularly celebratory. Some people never truly care for traditional holidays anyway.

Whether you love the holidays or hate them, there’s no need to focus all our attention on the heavily marketed standard holidays. There are actually hundreds of wacky, fun holidays every day of the year! And many of them don’t get nearly as much attention.

Actually, some of them are a little perplexing.

Who cares so much about punctuation that they would want to dedicate a day of the year in its honor, as presumably the person did who established National Punctuation Day (Friday, September 24, 2021)?

It is easy enough to understand Candy Corn Day in the month of October because, well, just because. But why would anyone feel the need to observe Cliché Day on November 3, 2021? I try to see the world through rose colored glasses as much as anyone but I think it’ll be an uphill battle generating enthusiasm for a holiday like that.

You’re probably reading this article on January 31st which is Inspire Your Heart With Art Day. Looking at works of art can awaken feelings of awe and wonder in our minds and hearts. Even if you’re not inclined to seek out a physical museum due to social distancing, many museums are offering virtual tours of their collections.

February, with its endless cold, gray days can feel pretty depressing. But much less so if you’re celebrating Spunky Old Broads Day on February 1st. Started in 2002 by author, speaker and coach Dr. Gayle Carson, this day reminds us that getting older is not synonymous with being out to pasture. Anyone over 50 has plenty of life experience to put to use and an awareness that time is precious. So start the month on an energetic note by celebrating this day.

For Pete’s Sake Day (February 25, 2021) may have originated as a nod to St. Peter, legendary guard of the Pearly Gates of heaven. But it eventually became a way to express exasperation towards someone else’s ridiculous demands or expectations. Certainly it is a milder way to vent one’s emotions than the more modern habit of dropping 4 letter words at any provocation. I haven’t heard someone say “for Pete’s sake” in quite a while, so I’ll be sure to on February 25th.

March 1 is World Compliment Day and all that’s required is that you offer genuine and sincere compliments whenever you can. The recipient will feel a boost from your generous observation and so will you! Started in the Netherlands in the early 2000’s as a national holiday by Hans Poortvliet, this special day quickly spread to other countries.

Many of us get too sedentary during the winter months, which is a great reason to mark the first Friday in April on your calendar. April 2, 2021 is National Walk to Work Day. With so many people working from home during the pandemic, this day might have to be renamed Walk Around the Block Before and After Work Day. Either way, you’ll get a little locomotion while breathing in fresh spring air.

May 4th is known by many as Star Wars Day but did you know it’s also Renewal Day? Everything looks a little bit better with a refresh, so consider what aspects of your life you might renew this spring. Your marriage vows? a friendship? A commitment to exercise? At the very least, let this holiday prompt you to check your license and vehicle registration!

If you did something really fun recently and you’ve been waiting for a chance to do it again, Thursday, June 3rd might be a good day. It’s Repeat Day when you can repeat anything you want. Naturally, it’s more fun to repeat things you enjoy like going on a picnic or visiting a museum. Don’t feel the need to repeat anything unpleasant on this date though.

If you haven’t done anything so spectacular that you want to repeat it, then Saturday, June 5th is the day you’ve been waiting for. It’s Hot Air Balloon Day and if you’re lucky enough to take a ride in one, it’s sure to become seared in your memory for a long time!

Perhaps these mini-holidays are not the kinds of affairs that bring relatives from across the country and stir up fond childhood memories, but that doesn’t mean they don’t inspire as much joyful exuberance.

Lest you worry this trend means we have abandoned all common sense, fear not. We can be counted on to pull ourselves together by November 3, 2021 which is the honest to goodness Use Your Common Sense Day!

If you still haven’t heard of a holiday that inspires you, why not start your own?

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