How Near Death Experiences Change People Forever After

Terri Carr

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People who have had a near death experience are usually radically changed from the person they were before their experience. Sometimes these changes are apparent to the people around them but sometimes they are not.

Here’s are some after effects NDE’ers have reported:

1) Feeling much more intuitive than they were before. Sometimes they may even be aware of the thoughts and inner experiences of people around them.

This can actually be quite stressful. They can use this newfound ability to encourage and support others when needed. But to have that knowledge all the time can be quite uncomfortable and exhausting. In the book Glimpsing Heaven, Judy Bachrach tells the story of one NDE survivor who became a recluse, not wanting to leave her house due to the discomfort of seeing the thoughts and desires of everyone she encountered.

2) Changed values

One man explained that before his NDE, he was quite proud of his professional accomplishments. But afterwards, that identity felt meaningless to him. All that satisfied him was being able to lift someone else’s spirits.

3) Bizarre capabilities in music, mathematics, healing and many other areas

One man became extremely good at predicting the rise and fall of the stock market. Others suddenly develop unexpected abilities at clairvoyance, telepathy and pre-cognition.

4) Ability to recognize other NDE survivors

This is also discussed in Glimpsing Heaven. Many NDE’ers can recognize others who have also had an NDE experience by a certain quality in their eyes.

5) A heightened sense of purpose, often as a healer or counselor for others who are struggling with life.

What Does All This Mean?

Whether we believe stories of near death experiences or not, and whether we believe their claims of advanced capabilities, the growing flood of such stories suggests there is so much more to learn about human consciousness.

Several decades ago, NDE’ers remained silent about their other worldly experience. They often felt isolated in ordinary day to day life and it would take quite a while to adjust after such an experience.

Now, there are dozens of online videos and books about NDE’s. There are even in-person get togethers and workshops so these people can connect with others who understand what they have been through.

All of this can only lead to an acceleration of spiritual understanding for humanity at large. At some point, the bizarre and unimaginable becomes almost normal. Still a little curious, but common enough to be accepted.

This will inevitably change our understanding of how to live. As these ideas become widely accepted, we will no longer be able to live in a state of fear and judgement towards others.

And we will be less afraid of death in general.

As people in New Age circles have expressed for decades, “We are not human beings who have spiritual experiences. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

We’ve gradually been growing more comfortable with this concept, though we have to remind ourselves again and again. But as NDE stories seep into mainstream consciousness, our collective understanding about death, life and our spiritual existence between lives will inevitably change dramatically.

For centuries, we’ve relied on science to interpret and explain everything about life on planet earth. Yet NDE’ers clearly demonstrate that science as we know it is inadequate to explain the entirety of human consciousness.

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