Paddington 2

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This movie dishes out a hearty helping of adorable entertainment for the child in you

In case you’re not already familiar with Paddington, he is the good-natured bear brought to life by English children’s author, Michael Bond.

With his trademark raincoat, boots and adventuring spirit, Paddington is a ready friend to all creatures, human and otherwise. He believe his Aunt Lucy’s credo that “If you are kind and polite, the world will be right.”

Whether that philosophy strikes you as hopelessly naive or willfully oblivious, you probably agree that's how things should be. So come along for the ride.

Fantastic, escapist entertainment for any age

Surprisingly, the Paddington movies hold enough wit and humor for adults as well.

In this movie, Paddington is on his own in London, far away from his dear Aunt Lucy. He’s looking for a special present for her upcoming 100th birthday. This simple mission turns into an epic adventure, with twists and turns you probably won’t anticipate.

Of course, since the central character is a stuffed bear, you know from the start that there will be a happy ending.

Still, this is much more than just a young child’s movie. There’s plenty of hilarity all throughout the movie. If you have children aged 6 - 12, this will surely be one they’ll want to watch again.

Some High Points

Hugh Grant and Hugh Bonneville - these two beloved English actors don’t disappoint, giving their roles the same energy and attention as in all the big screen flicks they’ve ever done.

Favorite character - while serving an entirely undeserved prison sentence, Paddington makes the acquaintance of the prison chef, Knuckles 'I Don’t Do Nothin’ For No One for Nothin’ McGinty and his sidekicks, Spoon and Phib. Before you know it, Paddington has introduced the entire prison population to the delights of a marmalade sandwich.

Favorite use of euphemisms - when Paddington writes to his Aunt Lucy, rather than informing her that he’s locked in a long-neglected prison building, he says that he has obtained lodging at a Victorian property with security second to none!

With the release of this movie in 2018, prison wardens the world over are on alert for any sign their inmates have learned that the secret to a successful prison escape is (but, of course!) a hot air balloon!

If this is an official Oscar category, Paddington 2 could easily win the award for Most Creative Use of Food to get through a tough patch. Apparently caramel apples can serve many functions. Likewise, you can expect to see previously unheard of applications for an electric toothbrush.

Even a Little Splash of Yoga When You Least Expect It

Keep an eye out for a remarkable yogic feat by Hugh Bonneville towards the end of the movie.

Paddington 3 to be released January 2021

According to Wikipedia, the next Paddington film will be out this month. While we wait, Paddington 2 is great escape for a few hours.

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