What Can We Learn from Others' Near Death Experiences?

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We Are Loved

From the beginning of recorded history, mankind has speculated about what happens when we die. Do we go to a heavenly realm? Do we stand before our creator for a moment of judgement? Do we just disappear into nothingness from which we came?

People who have had near death experiences consistently state that while clinically ‘dead’, they were engulfed by a feeling of unconditional love. Often they state that the feeling was indescribably beautiful, beyond any feeling of love they have experienced in their prior earthly life.

We Are Here on Earth to Love

Survivors of near death experiences tell stories about how they saw their earthly life from an entirely different perspective. One woman talked about how during her experience she was revisiting personal interactions that had happened in her life. She could plainly see that the only part of her interactions with others that really mattered was how she made people feel.

Until then, she’d assumed that people considered her opinions, her intelligence and sophistication. But while in the realm of spirit, she felt it was plain as day that her kindness and warmth towards others were the real food for her growth and theirs.

In her ordinary day to day life, she felt pretty well informed about events of the day and considered her opinions pretty enlightened. She looked down on people with other viewpoints, amazed that they didn’t see things the way she did. But while in the spiritual realm, it was suddenly easy to see why that there were many valid points of view that she had never considered. She was kind of gobsmacked that she’d been so smug amd certain with regards to others.

Seeing Through Another’s Eyes

During near death experiences, people often undergo a life review in which they see significant moments in their life as if watching a movie. They typically say they feel no emotion while watching these incidents but they do see the events they lived from a broader perspective.

Some say view the experience with a feeling of complete detachment, yet while viewing them, they understand not only their own point of view and emotional state, but the point of view and emotions of the other people involved.

Perhaps you’ve had a glimpse of this kind of understanding. If we’ve come to mid-life or beyond, we may look back on stressful family relationships with much greater understanding than we had when events first played out.

For instance, as adults, we may look back at how our parents or grandparents handled things with more compassion than we felt a few decades earlier. When we’re young, it’s hard to appreciate the adults’ perspective. But when we get to the same age, we may be blown away by how much our parents were dealing with while we were oblivious.

What can we learn from this now?

These life review stories are powerful reminders that we usually have no idea what’s going on in the hearts and minds of people around us. We may be aware of some challenges another person is dealing with. But we really have no idea what it feels like to be them, to feel what they feel.

Perhaps while here in our everyday lives, we can shift a little bit and try to understand why someone sees things so differently than we do.

Suicide is a big mistake

When we hear that someone has taken their life, most of us feel empathy that the person was suffering so much and we imagine that once they have ended their life, they are finally feeling peace and freedom from suffering.

But survivors of near death experiences from attempted suicides said that it was not exactly so. Instead, the person’s soul was still unhappy in the spiritual realm but they were now unable to do anything to change their state of suffering. They understood that throwing away the gift of life is actually a huge mistake.

This perspective does not stem from judgement or hardheartedness but from a sincere, unemotional understanding. Maybe learning about the revelations of people who’ve been blessed with a near death experience after attempting suicide will remind others to reconsider before taking their life.

Some part of us continues to exist after the physical body dies

Many people disagree as to what happens to us after we pass on. Do we just decompose in our graves and then that’s the end of us forevermore? Or do our spirits go to some heavenly realm for a ‘rest’ before we reincarnate for another ride on the merry-go-round?

According to NDEs, our consciousness continues to exist outside our physical bodies. Some experience it in an operating room or other hospital setting. Some at the scene of an accident where their body is gravely injured and they almost die.

We Do Not Need To Live in Fear of Death

While a small percentage of NDE survivors describe their ‘death’ experience in unpleasant terms, the vast majority say it was an incredibly beautiful and love-filled experience.

The Major Lessons from Near Death Experiences

Love, forgiveness, non-judgement. These are the qualities our spirit or soul values most.

But are these the attitudes we carry around day after day?

As human beings, it is only natural that we do judge one another from time to time and that we also get quite caught up in our emotions. What if we were to imagine ourselves looking at our lives from a less emotional, more forgiving, more compassionate point of view? How might our attitudes be different?

We can apply these lessons to our lives here and now!

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