Why Near Death Experiences Are Believable

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People have been sharing stories of near death experiences (NDEs) for centuries.

However, when they do, they’re often told they’ve hallucinated, they imagined it or they made it up to attract attention. Many in the medical community have dismissed such experiences as “impossible” or “delusional”.

But due to the work of Raymond Moody, Jr. M.D. and others, we’re beginning to look at these stories with a more open mind.

For over 50 years Dr. Moody has been collecting stories from people who’ve had near death experiences. In the beginning, he was also quite skeptical as to whether or not these stories were true. But his skepticism has worn away as he realized there are too many similarities in the stories told by people who've never met one another.

Similar experiences described by hundreds of survivors

In his book, Life After Life, he reports that hundreds of people who have had near death experiences describe some combination of the following experiences during their near death experience:

- a profound feeling of unconditional love

- an incredible feeling of peace and quiet while clinically 'dead'

- a life review where they saw important moments of their life as though watching a movie

- a feeling that they were moving very quickly through a dark tunnel or cylinder

- unusual sounds at the moment of death, such as a loud ringing sound, buzzing, loud click, bells tingling or a banging or whistling sound

- being outside their body and observing it from above, such as in an operating room or at the scene of an accident; many people say they saw doctors and nurses trying to revive them

- seeing other people they knew who have already died

- seeing or sensing other spirits who are reassuring them and helping them understand where they are in the 'in between' phase in which they have just crossed over

- an incredibly bright light drawing the person to it with a strong sensation of love and warmth; this light is often referred to as a living being and may have some details related to the person’s religious habits in life. For instance, Christians often see this light as Christ, a Jewish person might call the light an angel.

Do People Just Make Up These Stories for Attention?

It’s inevitable that some people find these stories really hard to believe. Unfortunately, they sometimes accuse the NDEers of completely making up stories just to get attention.

However, researchers have found that it’s usually quite the opposite. People who have had one of these experiences usually say it’s really hard to describe what they’ve experienced. And because it's so difficult to explain without sounding foolish or crazy, they just keep it to themselves.

For these reasons and others, many people who've had near death experiences don't tell anyone about their experience for a very long time.

Are We At A Tipping Point?

For many years, the scientific community has tried to brush off all these stories as hallucinations and such. But in the last couple of decades, some of the people having these experiences are scientists themselves!

They are the perfect people to share such stories because they have the ability to explain what happened to them while acknowledging that the experience contradicts everything they thought they knew about life and death.

Ready for Prime Time?

In the last 20 years or so, NDE stories are getting more and more attention. There have been best selling books like Heaven is for Real and Proof of Heaven and movies, such as Miracles from Heaven.

Thanks to research and writing by Dr. Raymond Moody, we’re beginning to learn that NDEs are not as rare as we used to think. There's a new documentary about near death experiences coming out in 2021 called Hidden Beyond the Veil.

What do you think about near death experiences? Are they complete fiction or are they gifts from above designed to teach us something?

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