Let’s Celebrate Summer Fruit Season with Peaches, Berry and Melon Recipes

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Buy some local fruit and make some tasty treats today

Summer fruit in a bowlPhoto by Jo Sonn

I love summer! I beat the heat with delicious seasonal fruits. It’s peach, strawberry and watermelon seaon and I’m all for it!

Plump juicy, jersey peaches are on sale everywhere now and delicious, Delaware watermelons are, too. Local berries of all varieties bursting with flavor - I just pints of blue and black berries.

I’m craving lots of fruity flavors. Here’s a short list of some fresh summer yummies:

Here’s some Juicy Watermelon Recipes like my Green Tea Melon Ball Slushie:


1 cup of cubed, frozen watermelon or any melon of your choice

1 cup of cold unsweetened or sweetened green tea

1/2 cup of cold mint tea


Pour all the ingredients in the blender.

Pulse the blender 2–3 times to break up the frozen watermelon and then blend until smooth.

I like to add fresh mint — to garnish or crush leaves in the bottom to add an extra hit of mint.


  • You could use sweetened or unsweetened black tea, but it will drastically change the color.
  • You can also freeze the mixture in popsicle molds to make fun and festive popsicles.

By the way, you can use any melon, but my favorites are honeydew and canteloope. I've tried them all and they are super cool substitutes.

If like to brave the heat and bake a peachy pastry, try a hand pie from Chenee Today:

Peach Mango Pie - Jollibee Recipe Copycat - Chenée Today

Oh and lets not forget the berries baby -

5 No-Bake Strawberry Shortcake Shortcuts and Recipes

Fast & Fancy Trifle or 7 Layer Strawberry Shortcake


Sara Lee Pound cake
Vanilla pudding (2–3 cups)
Stabilized whipped cream
(1 pound) of sliced macerated strawberries (leaving 2–3 whole berries for garnish)
Using pound cake and instant or premade pudding make a quick and easy company-ready dessert that will make guests go from ok to oh yeah!

Directions are the same as the 3-Ingredient Trifle except you replace the whipped cream with vanilla pudding and reserve the whipped cream for the top layer

Cake Cubes Layer 1 — The bottom, base layer Pudding
Layer 2 Berries
Layer 3 Cake Cubes
Layer 4 Pudding
Layer 5 Berries
Layer 6 Whipped Cream
Layer 7 — The top layer — is garnished with whole fruit

Jaw-dropping jars - For a special thank you, guest gift, or simply to-go dessert option make one of the trifle recipes in mason jars.

Last week, I made THE best lemon cheesecake. I was so excited — I forgot to add the blueberries but you shouldn’t.

Buy local and enjoy this season’s bounty!

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